pizza baby

Several weeks ago I had a massive craving for pizza. It was overwhelming. It was all the fault of the Rockford Files. I’d chanced across an old episode of the show on youtube and couldn’t resist watching it. When I was a kid, my Ema and I used to watch the show when it ran in late-night reruns and the lead character, Jim Rockford, was always eating something: hot dogs, hamburgers, but most often pizza. We’d watch him biting into a cheesy slice with gusto and would look at each other and would be like quick order a pizza!! So, like one of Pavlov’s dogs, while watching that episode I was like must have pizza!!

I checked out delivery options but dude, a family size pizza from someplace like Pizza Hut or Dominoes is more than 50 sheks!! So I ran to the little store up the street with the idea of getting a frozen pizza. I was willing to go so far as 20 sheks. But. BUT, they didn’t have any. The guy working there was like, look why not get one at the 10 shek pizza place? I thought I misheard him. I checked again. Yes, he tells me, there is a place about a 20 minute walk away that sells fresh made family size (8 slices) pizzas for just 10 sheks. Well, it was too far to do it that night and so I went home with my pizza craving unfulfilled. The next day, the craving was unabated and so I was like…let’s find this place!

So I went on the hunt. I walked up and down the street looking for the joint and couldn’t find it. I did find a place with pizzas for 20 sheks. Ah, I thought to myself, I must have just not heard him correctly, after all esra and esrim are pretty close together in sound. I got one and even splurged an extra 5 sheks, so deep was my craving, to get a topping on it: I went for jalapeno peppers. I must say, their 20 shek pizza was very good –at least as good as a Dominoes here. I had pizza for dinner off it for 3 nights running. Ahh heaven.

So on Sunday night, I stopped into the little store again to pick up a big bottle of fizzy water to bring to work with me the next day and he was like, so did you ever find the pizza place? I was like, yeah!, amazing that they sell them for just 20 sheks. He was like, oh, you didn’t find it! Yes, folks, there really is a place that sells pizzas for only 10 sheks!!! I’ve now found it.

It is only a couple of blocks off my route home from where the bus drops me coming home from work. Yesterday, I was really tired and utterly starving and was like, yah know if I can find that 10 shek pizza place…I found it!

It is this little tiny place tucked back and just steps from where I’d given up the search the first time. A huge stack 8 or so deep of plain pizzas in boxes were on the shelf behind the counter guy and people just walked up and said, “two” and he’d reach behind him, grab two, they plunk down their cash and the next person then says how many. As soon as the stack disappears the guys in the back — who you can see feverishly pushing pizzas into and out of the ovens — plunk a bunch more up there. There was a steady stream of kids sent to collect the family dinner, orthodox fathers there to snag between 2 and 5 boxes on their way home from work, young guys grabbing a single box and starting to munch on slices right out of the box as they walked off with it. I’ve never seen the like and they are doing business at way more than 10 times the rate of your Dominoes or Pizza Hut etc. I got up to the counter and was like FOUR.

I got them home, shoved one box into the toaster oven to keep away from the cats, the other three into the fridge. Gave the inside cats food, went out and put food for the little black outside kitty –who I was very glad to see as she’d disappeared for three days and I was very worried about her –and the baby kitties in the park next door, came back in and literally attacked the first pizza. I generally eat 2 slices, maybe 3 if pretty hungry, at a whack. I was so ravenous I literally inhaled 3 slices. You know how it goes when you are really hungry and if you just wait about 15 minutes your body has time to let you know that you really are full …but you don’t wait that long? Yeah, I scarfed five slices. It was not as good as the 20 shek place but way better than the frozen pizzas you can get. I put the last three slices in the fridge and went down for the count for the night.

Today, I’m individually wrapping the slices from the other boxes and freezing them for insto meals. If I can restrain myself, then 2 slices will work out to be about 2.50 for a meal! You can’t beat that with homemade meals unless you are going for totally plain pasta or rice.


15 responses to “pizza baby”

  1. Lynne says :

    Pizza is my favorite food. I don’t have it all that often, and I reserve it for a treat. It’s what I eat when I am sick, and it always helps!

  2. Eitan (@EitanDC) says :

    man, I’m sitting here doing the conversion in my head. 20 sheks is like 5 bucks. I’m thinking, man thats a smoking deal. But then you are talking about 10 shek pizza’s and thats like 2.50 in USD. This is insane for a pizza. If you order a Pizza from Dominos you are looking at a minimum of like 12 bucks with delivery and everything. Not bad…

  3. Mac says :

    Awesome deal! You made me think to my past and my all time fav pizza joint. They had a pizza called the Pizza Pub special. it was a normal sized pizza with so much topping that it had to be cut into little squares. The topping was about an inch thick and covered with a layer of cheese to contain it. Oh My it was sooo good! Haven’t had one in like 15 years but I still remember it, lol.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Eitan — yeah a seriously good deal if you are paying with converted U.S. dollars. Our minimum wage is 20 nis per hour (about U.S. 5 dollars) but you lose close to 3 times as much in taxes off it here as you do in the U.S. before you take it home. A Dominoes pizza is standard poor student eating fare in the U.S. but here it is a rare average-family luxury.

    Mac — oooooooooooophhh. That sounds so good!! Did the place close or did you move away?

    The best pizza I ever had was called a twice-baked potato pie created by a pizza place in Athens, Ohio (that sadly closed). It was unique and indescribably good. I got a slice of it for lunch literally every day for two years and ordered it at home or meals fas often as I could!

    • Eitan (@EitanDC) says :

      Good information to know. I’m still working on calculations for how much I need to save USD wise to cover my student loan payments and living expenses until I get on my feet in Israel if I make aliyah.

      I found a website with finance jobs in Israel posted, but there is no mention of salary so it’s a little difficult to calculate. My student loans are my one big liability in this whole thing, I don’t have any other debt if I sell my car and motorcycle.

      • Naomi says :

        Think about what your salary may be. Knock 50% off of that and then you’ll have your real salary. Wait, finance….yeah, you’ll be lucky to get 20% of your US salary in Israel. Lucky. Just be ready. Doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be 80% poorer.

        • israeliminx says :

          Heh yeah it does. On my salary as a junior prof I made enough to vacation (it was a working vacation but vacation) for two months every summer in Europe, to pay rent on a Manhattan apartment and simultaneously put the down-payment on a house in Texas and pay the monthly mortgage on it, plus save up $30,000 to move over here with –the idea being to use it as a down-payment for an apartment to own. I started working here within a week of my arrival as a senior prof (right, advancement that usually means more money unless you are here and then it means a severe salary cut). I went through my savings on just basic living expenses my salary didn’t cover –well the basic things like going to cafes and so forth that you take for granted in the U.S. –and took not a single vacation, not even a weekend vacation, in 4 years. Seven years on, I can afford to go to a cafe for a coffee about 3 times a year and it is a major splurge.

          Oh yeah and here I’m also teaching more then 3 times as many courses in a year as when I could afford to vacation and buy houses…you really have to love this country to live in it.

  5. TDDPirate says :

    You are making me miss pizzas!
    Due to health reasons, I limit my pizza intake to few slices once each few months. It looks like there’ll be a pizza day in my very near future.

  6. israeliminx says :

    You are mixing veggie with vegan. Vegetarian means not eating any dead animal flesh. Vegan means not eating any product from an animal, dead or alive (e.g., no milk, butter, cheese, eggs etc).

  7. Lynne says :

    I’m trying to follow a vegan diet, but sometimes I want cream in my coffee or a bit of cheese…I do try to be as strict as I can these days.

  8. Mac says :

    Yael, I moved about 75 miles away from that pizza place.

  9. Lynne says :

    I am now craving pizza!!! Tomorrow!!

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