Bibi-Lieberman badaboom

More on this tomorrow because I am a little wilting flower tonight but gotta say that this is a) an extremely unexpected move and b) an extremely smart move: Likud taking Israel Beitanu under its umbrella. With elections looming in February, the merger of the now two strongest parties as far as polling goes currently means a mega blow-out for Bibi.


9 responses to “Bibi-Lieberman badaboom”

  1. Larry007 says :

    I think it’s a stupid move for Likud. A lot of center-right members from Likud don’t care too much for Lieberman so they’ll vote for a more center based party. Bibi just took the Likud to the extreme-right of the political map. I wasn’t going to vote for neither one, I’ll need to wait and see how the other political parties respond.

    • israeliminx says :

      Beitanu is not really a far-right party — many of its positions are center-left. I think adding a strongly secular element to Likud is going to attract a lot of center voters. I used to write up conversations I had with a colleague when we used to take the train down to Beer Sheva together. At the time, he was a Meretz voter, he’s now moved to the right and supports Lieberman because Lieberman is more open to trading land with the Palestinians and is dedicated to reducing the haredi influence and passing things like civil marriage. He felt like Likud was too tied to the more religious parties/views. I don’t think he’s unique in that.

  2. woody says :

    “Beitenu isn’t really far right”? Look – the separation of religion and state and the ability of Jews to marry non-Jews doesn’t even fit on the political spectrum. These things are BASIC to a democracy. When you set aside that Lieberman simply wants to update Israel to the 21st Century (for populist purposes, btw), then you realize the rest of his policies are straight up fascist as is his rhetoric. Bibi’s policies are neo-liberal and have been crushing the poor here. The guy is worse than Romney on the political spectrum. This is a right party joining a fascist party. The Israeli “consensus” moves from right-wing (in comparison to the world) to freaking medieval (absent the ayatollahs, i mean, rabbis, I guess).

  3. Larry007 says :

    Lieberman likes to talk but in decision-moments he moves aside and does nothing…What did he complete from his agenda since the last election ?!? A big ZERO!Nothing, gurnisht mit gurnisht, nada!

    • XSouthAfricanGal says :

      welcome to Bieberman
      oh well why do I even bother

      Isreal on the sure road to Armageddon (how ever its spelled)
      Sad but if Bieberman comes to power thats a sure bet

  4. 300yrs in America says :

    Though i am not Yisraeli i think to give the muslims 1cm of ground is foolish. You have tried that route and extended your hand in peace and friendship and have received missles and suicide bombers and lies and murders in return. The muslims are a 7th century warrior cult whose holy books say Jews are the decendants of apes and pigs. Their god (who is NOT HaShem)promises an after life of unbridled sex for the pious who murder Jews. They understand FORCE and Force alone. Kindness is a weakness to them. The ayatollah khomanie explained that islam is the religion of the sword etc. I implore Yisrael to elect strong leaders who love Yisrael first. And ask the socialists and appeasers to live in gaza with the peaceful muslims. As Ben Franklin told the rest of Americas founders:gentlemen we must hang together or surely we will hang apart.we are getting rid of obama and hopefully romney will keep his word and get us out of the inevitable crash that socialism always brings. Im for Yisrael right or wrong.

  5. Lynne says :

    I would like to see the government in Israel embark on a significant, extensive, widespread program to benefit Arab Israelis and Arabs in the West Bank , as well as opening programs to benefit Arabs from Gaza coming in to Israel for health services, jobs and other matters. Each person could be given the very most courteous treatment, while still maintaining very strict security. Something to counteract the craziness and hostility—offer these program loud and proud, advertising them and making them a centerpiece of life in Israel and Israeli policy.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema they exist. Even the head of Hamas who calls for every Israeli man, woman, and child to be killed has taken advantage of our free medical care for his brother and for his child. In fact, while his brother was being given life-saving treatment for his heart a couple of months ago, he called for volunteers for suicide bombings against our civilians. Thousands of Palestinians come into Israel for free, 100% freely given, medical care every month. That has not changed, it is a long-standing policy. 30,000 Palestinians also come in on work permits — a smaller number than before and none from Gaza for obvious reasons — but the number is smaller largely because there are few jobs for Israelis much less non-citizens in the current economy. If more housing starts get approved, there will be more work permits for Palestinians.

  6. Lynne says :

    Yes, you are right that you are dealing with unstable people with poisoned minds and an inability to think properly. I think that these programs need to highlighted through PR…. oh, the mainstream media. I forgot; they want report it. Oh well.

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