Jews told not to display Israeli flag in Denmark “diversity” festival

Some diversity you have there Denmark. Perhaps they think ‘diversity’ is a synonym for “Anti-Semitism.”

A city hall request that the Israeli flag not be displayed at a street festival intended to promote diversity has Jewish community leaders wondering what “diversity” really means to some city leaders.

During planning meetings for September’s Smag Verden – Mangfoldighedsfest, a celebration of the foods and cultures of different countries, Jewish participants were warned that some would interpret the flying of the Israeli flag as a provocation.

“We were told that is was better if we did not fly our flag,” Malgorzata H Hansen, who represented local Jews at the meetings, told Berlingske newspaper. Read more


9 responses to “Jews told not to display Israeli flag in Denmark “diversity” festival”

  1. blazingcatfur says :

    That’s so despicable. PS> We are in Israel next week

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    The reason is probably linked to what has happened all over Europe, an invasion of Muslims from North Africa!! And the surprising thing is that they have been able to influence others on their hate of Israel. Even in Denmark, there are quite a few Muslims!! This ban does not come from Danish people, or surely only from Danish people influenced by Muslims.

  3. Jude Theobscure says :

    Most of Europe is already in trouble. Denmark is totally finished. Time to focus on keeping North America safe from Islamist savages.

  4. Lynne says :

    It may have been meant for their protection, and that in itself is worrisome.

  5. 300yrs in America says :

    Israeliminx you have it figured out. Remember denmark is a socialist country. The euro socialists imported the muslims thinking they would serve 2 purposes: labor (that didnt work as when the musiims found out even non citizens could receive welfare they simply went on the dole)2.muscle to be used against Jews and Christians (letting the islamist do the socialists dirty work against Jews and Christians while the left kept their hands clean). The muslims are filling the prisons raping women and young girls rioting burning other wosds being GOOD muslims. While the dhimmi leaders of denmark and most other european nations sit back and live in opulence. Remember what a Jew or Christian consider sinful criminal behaviour is pure, sacred, and pious in islam(as long as its done to a kuffar).remember the muslims and national socialist were allies in ww2.

  6. Henry Simonsen says :

    I personally believe it is highly offensive to wave any other flag but your own. After all, are these people Germans or are they Israeli? They go around waving a foreign flag and then you wonder why their loyalty is questioned?

  7. israeliminx says :

    henry given your ip my suspicion is that you are one of our old friendly trolls/socks but Í’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I see nothing wrong with a diversity fair that celebrates the melting pot of where people have come from and flying the flags and serving the food etc of that country. This particular diversity fair had more than one hundred countries represented and more than half a dozen religions. Everyone displayed their flag — only the Israeli flag was singled out and told not to fly.

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