Media sitting on damning emails showing White House orders to ‘stand down’ during Benghazi attack?

Glenn Beck says he has rock-solid sources verifying that at least two media outlets, one a major network, are in possession of emails showing that it was the Obama White House who gave the order to stand down and not assist those in the embassy under attack. Beck says “we know who you are” and if you do not release this information to the public prior to the election and wait until after the election is over in order to try to save Obama’s re-election chances, then he will expose them.

In the meantime, Fox has just released another exclusive: Classified cable warned the consulate couldn’t withstand a ‘coordinated attack.’ That cable also identified 10 terrorist groups in operation and expressed the belief that Al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia were planning an attack. It further stated that the local group that had been hired to protect the embassy had been infiltrated by terrorists and could not be trusted — and indeed when the attack happened those ‘protective’ forces simply melted off into the night. They asked in the cable for the embassy staff to be officially relocated to the CIA safehouse and that clearly was not permitted. It stated that Al Qaeda flags were flying over government buildings in the city and quite a few other things, each and every one of which give the lie to Obama’s ever-shifting story.


7 responses to “Media sitting on damning emails showing White House orders to ‘stand down’ during Benghazi attack?”

  1. Lynne says :

    The US media is vile and corrupt. I know where they are all coming from because I got the same indoctrination throughout my university education. It’s basically anti-American, simplistic, and socialist/communist doctrine.

  2. Lynne says :

    Fox News is covering it! The only media source that would, of course. The news out of Ohio is that when voters try to vote for Romney, a vote f or Obama is cast instead. A woman who was voting caught it on one machine.
    The Obama Administration, just a bunch of Chicago thugs. Corrupt to the core.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    “Fast and Furious” cover-up where Obama himself had to use his executive power to avoid having the truth be fully uncovered. And now the Benghazi cover-up!!

    And before that, the first day Obama took office, Obama sealed all his personal records, another cover-up!!

    Obama is nothing less than a dishonest and illegitimate president!! Four more years of Obama cover-ups, not to mention financial squandering at a rate of more than $1 TRILLION of deficit? Who would want that?!

    • Lynne says :

      Obama has been a disaster for the America. He is incompetent, totally and completely unsuited for the presidency. Who even knows him? He is a media creation, one that they promote and protect and cover up for. I cannot imagine another four years of Obama.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Yep it was clearly CBS sitting on the emails. They’ve had them for awhile now — guess Beck’s threat to expose got them moving.

  5. Lynne says :

    Sharyl Atkinson is the reporter for CBS whose by-line is on the report. She is the reporter who ran into trouble with the WH when she tried to get facts on Fast and Furious. The WH aide assigned to give information even cursed her out (and she reported that, too).
    CBS has been more forthcoming and honest in their reporting than CNN or MSNBC (both are no more than propaganda for Obama and the Left).
    Lara Logan is also a CBS reporter. CBS is not as open and honest as I’d like but they have some good reporters.
    IF CNN had the emails/information, they would never see the light of day. They would bury the story.

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