worried about Little Mouse

It has only been three and a half weeks since he had his last “long term” steroid shot — one that will last a normal cat for up to 3 months. He is on daily antibiotics — yet, he is already to the point of being able to eat no more than a quarter of a fancy feast can (right the little tiny cans), if that, before a mouthful sets off a pain reaction and he won’t eat anymore. I’ve tried warming the food, with no luck. I’ve tried pureeing it but he won’t touch it at all if it is pureed. What he really wants is the straight juice that is at the bottom of the can.

Why isn’t there something like Ensure for cats? Surely someone can come up with a formula for a liquid diet for cats that packs all the nutrients and so forth in it that a cat who is not undergoing renal failure can live on. There is an extremely expensive liquid food for cats with renal failure but it is bad for cats that aren’t in renal failure.

I’m going to spend a few hours today researching how I might go about creating him a tasty, healthy, full-maintenance liquid diet here at home but I’m not optimistic. If anyone has any suggestions or has had a situation where your otherwise healthy cat can’t eat solids, please let me know what you did that worked. I asked on a vet forum and got the suggestion of having a permanent feeding tube inserted but that is out because if he could undergo the anesthesia to have the tube put in, he could undergo the anesthesia to have the teeth removed!

Tomorrow, I’ll take him in for another steroid shot and more antibiotics. Damn, damn, damn.


11 responses to “worried about Little Mouse”

  1. Lynne says :

    Can you get the canned food there called “Recovery”? Most cats like it and it has super high nutrition. It can normally only be purchased from a vet, so ask Ronen about it.

  2. TDDPirate says :

    Here’s a business opportunity for you.
    After you figure out the formula, manufacture that liquid diet and sell it also to other cat owners. Initially, your distributors would be the vets who take care of your cats.
    For business formalities, ask Ronen or someone else if he agrees to handle purchases/expenses and sales in your behalf until you are sure you have a business and can justify the formal registrations (I think it has to be incorporated rather than be osek murshe, due to the need for shielding from product liability lawsuits – and the paperwork for incorporating costs few thousand NIS).

    • Lynne says :

      Pirate, good idea! There is already some kind of gravy stuff for dogs, very heavy on the gluten and not meant as a diet (meant as a condiment)…but nothing for cats. Any cat that would need a liquid diet would need a highly nutritious formula, and there is nothing out there. It would require research and experimentation. Be good to maybe get Ronen as a partner. Ask him about it after you do some research on your own, and find out about a patent in Israel.

  3. Larry007 says :

    Check this :

    It can be found in Israel, I have the phone number if it’s what you need

    • israeliminx says :

      Larry thanks but unfortunately he can’t eat hard kibbles at all and not even wet food 😦

      Ema, Pirate, argh I said I wasn’t optimistic for a reason. Dietary needs for cats, like for humans, are extremely complex. Creating a completely liquid formula for him is way beyond the capabilities of a kitchen. My guess as to why there isn’t a liquid formula on the market is that the cost (of research and development plus packaging etc) hasn’t been deemed worth the effort for companies given the relatively small market.

  4. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, check email.

  5. Mike says :

    Would mixing the wet food with water to make it soupier help? We’ve got this 20-year-old cat and that’s what we do. It’s not so much to help him eat as to keep him from getting backed up, but maybe it could help your kitty. Just a suggestion.

    • israeliminx says :

      Mike adding some water to it does help — he slurps up anything that is completely liquid and there have to be some nutrients from the food that leach into that water. I’ve got to figure out a way to get him more nutrients, though. Anything liquid he slurps up ravenously but anything even remotely solid he is avoiding like the plague.

      • Larry007 says :

        You can put the kibble in the blender with some water and mix everything to a soup-like texture, maybe he’ll eat.

  6. Lynne says :

    Good ideas! You could buy an inexpensive blender just to use for that purpose. Totally pulverize the dry kibble with enough added water to make it soupy. Mike’s idea and Larry’s idea combined!

  7. israeliminx says :

    Definitely giving it a try!

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