blind cat terrorizes the household

Okay, this is actually really cute and quite funny. We had a major thunder and lightning storm very early this morning and it ushered in really cool temperatures. The cats have reacted to the change in barometer and none more so than Little Mouse. Mousie is in feisty mode.

You wouldn’t think a blind cat could strike fear among the hearts of sighted cats but there you have it. Granted, his primary target has been three-legged Tzofia but he also has Shachori now hiding under the bed. When he hears a cat munching or drinking at the food and water bowls he creeps up, sniffs them, and then strikes out –with sheathed claws but the paws going fast. Most of his blows hit thin air but he gets an occasional whack in — one whack is enough and his prey runs a few paces off. Mousie, confused for a moment tries to figure out where they’ve gone. If they move again, he’s on the hunt and starts a rearing up on his hind legs and fighting the air dance in their direction. This seems to utterly freak them out. So now I’ve got Shachori under the bed in a room she never dares to enter, Tzofia has retreated to the top of the cat tree, and Tzeekada got into a cat carrier and pulled the door closed behind her.

And the little blind Mouse is still on the prowl.


4 responses to “blind cat terrorizes the household”

  1. TDDPirate says :

    The Power of the Disabled!
    We are behind you, Little Mouse!

  2. Lynne says :

    Little Mouse is not letting his disability slow him down!

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