3 injured in rocket barrage on Israel’s south

We’ve been having daily rocket attacks for weeks now on our citizens in the south of the country. Three people have been injured by shrapnel today, damage was caused to two vehicles including a neighborhood watch patrol car in Shaar Hanegev, and a factory in Sderot was hit for the fourth time by rockets. 31 rockets have been fired at us by terrorists since this morning.

5 responses to “3 injured in rocket barrage on Israel’s south”

  1. Lynne says :

    There is nothing in the US media about it at all. I guess reporting it does not fit their agenda/

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Again, I told you so! And again, I repeat a few of the main ideas on this matter.
    1) No country in the world would have tolerated to receive rockets on its soil for a period of say one month without eradicating, wiping out, eliminating completely and FOR EVER, LONG-TERM this problem. No country in the world … EXCEPT ISRAEL!!!
    2) A few dead Israelis and a few Israelis maimed for life, sometimes so badly that they have lost their ability to take care of themselves, you might think it is not a big deal as long as it is not you. But when you add the number of dead Israelis and maimed Israelis for a period of several decades, you end up with an unbearable number of Israelis who died and who have been maimed for life.
    3) If I was the PM of Israel, I will solve this problem FOR EVER, LONG-TERM in one month top!!
    I will ask all the inhabitants of Gaza to get the hell out of Gaza or lose their lives!! They will be expulsed unceremoniously for ever from Gaza and I will regain full sovereignty over Gaza that is, according to the UN, an Israeli territory (no joking!!).
    And I will do the same of every single Muslim living in Israel and the West Bank.
    And I will regain sovereignty over Jordan, the second area of the British Mandate that was given fully to the Jewish people and I asked the Muslim settlers over there to get the hell out of the Land of Israel.
    I know, the Jordan part sounds extreme. But it is based on the rights of the Jewish people over the entire territory that was given to them through the Palestine of the British Mandate. It was only the decision of the British (one of the main superpowers at that time) that unilaterally decided to create bogus Jordan state, prevents Jews from settling in Jordan and even in Israel and asked the Arabs to move to Jordan to fill it up with Arabs!

    Now, a simple question. How long more the various Israeli governments will keep this crazy status quo on Gaza and keep paying with the lives of Israelis? How long more?!!!!

  3. Mike says :

    All ISraelis, not to worry. I am sure that even as I type, scores of international “peace activists” are boarding a flotilla of ships and heading to towns like Sderot and Asdod where they will act as human shields to those cites innocent civilians. And if you buy that, I have a very soggy bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  4. philipzhao says :

    When enough is enough??????

  5. 300yrs in America says :

    More love from the religion of taquiyya and hoodnah.i saw BiBi this a.m.11/13/12 saying enough already.13000 rockets fired into Yisrael after you gave up gaza.yes land for peace has been a big success.the fakestinians dont want peace.if they did why elect hamas to rule.i read a STUPID article saying why not give the fakees 100 grand ea.to move to S.America or europe or the u.s.that they would assimilate and be productive citizens and even convert to Christianity. After all the pali Christians have been doing it for 100yrs. How deluded.muslims dont and wont assimilate.they are mired in their 7th century warrior cult.i almost pissed myself laughing.the writer obviously knows little to nothing about islam.My prayers are with Yisrael in the days of darkness ahead. Perhaps this is HaShem preparing the battle Ezekiel told us about in Ch.38 and 39 of his prophecy.Be strong my friends.we know obama wont help you.

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