garden greens, garden dreams

It has been raining again most of the day but that didn’t stop me from going into the garden to work on the compost piles early this morning when it was coming down pretty hard and then just a while ago to go out into the light rain and clip a bowl of salad for dinner: mixed baby lettuce, green onions, a sprig of parsley, and 6 ripe cherry tomatoes.

I’m dreaming of having a shovel rather than just a little trowel to work with and, luxury of luxuries, a pronged loosening fork (shovel sized with 12 inch prongs). Bigger dreams, pipe-dreams and daydreams only for sure, are the idea of having an acre of land (about 4 dunams) to create a little herb farm business, grow my own vegetables, and have a refuge for the little animals.


3 responses to “garden greens, garden dreams”

  1. Lynne says :

    I like those little hand held pronged implements for loosening the soil. First, you use a shovel to dig up the soil and then use the little pronged thing for breaking it up, getting weeds loose. Do they sell them there? Shovels at the ACE?

  2. Larry007 says :

    Yael, check this out :

    Basically, you can rent out a piece of land for 100 shekels/month and grow on iit what you like. The guy who owns the land will help you and teach you how to grow and care for the land and the plants you choose. His place is reachable by bus, maybe 15 min from Petach Tikva, in one of the moshavs near Hod Hasharon. I met the guy last week at my kids kindergarten , his name is Ori Weis. I think it’s a good start for you to learn a bit about how to grow organic food in a climate like Israel and agriculture in general so you will be able to take a more knowledgeable decision later.

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