cooking chicken….help! :)

Yes the vegetarian is cooking chicken. The clueless vegetarian is cooking chicken. Maybe that is a contradiction in terms. No, I haven’t gone all wild and wacky and ventured into meat-eating. It is for Little Mouse (primarily, hopefully) and Mischa –broth for Mousie and the actual meat for Mischa.

The butcher down the way was so nice. I went in and asked for the smallest little cutlet he had. For 6 sheks seems you can get two of them very thin-sliced. I asked if there was any way to just get one but he looked at me kinda strange and was like what do you need them for? A cat. He brightened up. For one of the cats outside here? Don’t worry, I feed them well twice a day. No, no, for my cat. Ah, well then this is what you want instead — He had a big bag of scraps, no bones included, and I could get a kilo for 10 sheks or, as I did a smaller amount. I went for half a kilo. He then made suggestions for cooking it for cats (add a little bit of soup mix, just tipa tipa, and you can put in a little bit of rice and they go crazy for it). Awesome. Only, I forgot to ask him how long to boil it for! How on earth do you know if it is cooked and has made tasty juice-broth?

On a side note, the smell of it cooking is driving all the cats in the house utterly insane and I’ve only been home for 10 minutes (I put it cooking before I even dropped my bookbag or put on at-home clothes!).


8 responses to “cooking chicken….help! :)”

  1. Lynne says :

    To make sure that it is really cooked, maybe 45 minutes? Look online for ideas 🙂

  2. TDDPirate says :

    Welcome to the slippery slope.
    The next stop is to sacrifice some poor mice and chickens to manufacture and/or test veterinary medicines for the cats.
    [/feeling very wicked and evil]

  3. Mac says :

    Lol, I have no idea, but like your Ema says search online. Therer vids for how to on most anything now.

    • Lynne says :

      Mac, I was taking sewing classes, and these are not cheap. I was disappointed every time with the pace of the class and the instruction. I happened on a sewing video when I was looking up an unfamiliar sewing term. These videos/tutorials (and there is one for everything) are a thousand times better than the classes, they are free, and they are accessible with the click of a mouse.

  4. Mac says :

    ok, another off topic thingy. You liked the last video of my hometown band. So, here’s another…..

  5. 300yrs in America says :

    I made tripe and rice for my late dog Shaka. She practically inhaled it. We didnt have dogfood that day.funny thing about her @ Thanksgiving my Mama in law used to make me a sweetpotato pie.when i got it home Shaka started whining. I offered her the table scraps Mama saved for her,NO she didnt want that.i tried everything else she didnt want any of that stuff.when i cut a piece of pie she really started carriing on. Hmmm.i cut her a small sliver of pie.she ate it quickly.then she went to her room and i didnt hear a peep.every year i gave her a slice after that. The wife said to cook the chicken till there is no pink in the meat.if you want to hear my music email me and i will send you some mp3 downloads off my cd.i dont use my real name here.i think you may like them and the price is

  6. Lynne says :

    How did the cats like the chicken?

    • israeliminx says :

      Mousie drank some of the juice. I tried mixing in some carrot baby food into it (you can only get fruit-based, carrot, and pea baby food here — no chicken or meat, spinach etc because mothers here make their own at home) at which point he turned up his nose. Mischa went wild over the chicken and I’m still doling out chunks as treats to the others 🙂 Mousie goes back to the vet in just a few minutes for another steroid shot 😦

      Mac — wow thanks for the link. I really love their music!!

      300 — what a cute story!! And I’d love to hear some of your music!!

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