3 Israelis killed, children injured by rocket fire from Gaza terrorists

Gaza’s terror groups continued to fire rockets on Israel’s south overnight and early on Thursday. Three people were killed in the morning when rockets hit two buildings in the city of Kiryat Malachi. A 4-year-old boy was seriously hurt and was taken to the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer for treatment. A 1-year-old girl sustained light injuries and was taken to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. Her father was hurt as well. Another home was destroyed but no one was inside. Terrorists have fired 132 rockets at Israeli civilian targets in the last 24 hours.


2 responses to “3 Israelis killed, children injured by rocket fire from Gaza terrorists”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Another loss of Israeli lives and several maimed for life Israeli people, among them children!!
    And for who? The Gaza inhabitants that are in Gaza only as a cover to protect the terrorist activities of Hamas and company. They all support at unison these murders of Israelis, even rejoicing in Gaza and giving sweets to children when an Israeli is killed!!
    That is the reality that Israel faces and that it has been facing for decades!!

    And what any other country would have done? The first month, they would have stopped the problem LONG-TERM and once and for all, forever!! NO COUNTRY in the world would have tolerated to be deluged with rockets FOR DECADES!!! And yet, Israel is such a country!!

    And why does this problem happen? Egypt now under the control of the Muslim brotherhood is simply acting silently to strengthen Hamas in Gaza by helping them with rockets and various arms.
    The bogus “peace” treaty of Israel with Egypt is a very bad joke that will cost many lives, especially through Egypt’s proxy Gaza!

    The solution? There is only one that no one in Israel these past decades has wanted to hear.
    Complete expulsion of all the inhabitants of Gaza and complete taking over again by Israel of the sovereignty over the entire Gaza. And for good measure, killing (yes, killing!!) of any person in Gaza who attacks Israeli soldiers while this expulsion occurs and the planned target-killing of all the heads of the Hamas movement in Gaza before they even have the opportunity to leave Gaza during this expulsion.
    By the way, under the current UN resolutions, Gaza is part of Israel I believe!! No joking!!

    Israel and the past and current Israeli governments do not act as any independent country would do in several areas, especially with respect to protecting the lives of its citizens. They have been acting on Gaza and other matters related to the bogus Palestinians (Arabs who invaded Israel!) like they are the Jew of the world who should be spat on the face by anybody and for no other reason that Israel is now the Jew of the world!!

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    And some of you might say: “Well that is just a few Israelis killed and a few other maimed for life, therefore we must preserve the “sacred” status quo in Gaza”!!! Well, anyone who thinks like that has not been the one who paid with his own life nor the one who has been maimed for life!!
    Now multiply by many times this number of Israelis who have been killed during this particular day and take into account that this number of killed Israelis and maimed for life Israelis has been going on for decades and you now reach a number of Israelis killed and of Israelis maimed for life that is unbearable to even acknowledge for any government in the world and that surely would be intolerable for any country in the world but apparently it is fine and it has been fine for the several Israeli governments that have been in charge for decades of the fate of Israel and of the duty to protect the life of its citizens!!!

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