Going in

News is reporting that the IDF is on the move and a large contingent of forces are going into Northern Gaza. So it really starts. If we pull another wimp-out like with Cast Lead I will literally snatch myself bald. We’ve seen what doing a half-a**ed job gets us: They arm and with thousands of more advanced weapons, bring in Al Qaeda terrorists, kidnap our soldiers and terrorize the civilians in the south of our country on a daily basis. Enough. Start it and finish it. Neutralize the terrorists, their stockpiles, and their weapon-import routes. Bibi don’t you dare do an Olmert squirrel dance.


16 responses to “Going in”

  1. Larry007 says :

    Yael, do you have a reliable source for that info ?

    • israeliminx says :

      Yep follow the IDFspokesperson on twitter along with Arutz Sheva, Voice of Israel and …twitter will let you see the other official sources connected to follow. They are twittering info faster than it is appearing on the news sites.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Doing most updates on Twitter. The twitter feed on the sidebar here is delayed about 15 minutes. I’ll continue updating the blog and twitter until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer which may not be too long, heh.

  3. SirJohn says :

    Wow, so off they go. I wish those brave men and women of the IDF all the best and G-d’s protection and blessings. May they hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees! (If you don’t know what that means, look it up: 2 Samuel 5:24)

  4. Mike says :

    Stay safe Yael. I’m off to a pro-Israel rally countering an anti rally put on by our local Israeli haters. All of us here are thinking of you. Have a good night. Maybe I’ll post something when I get back. Everybody, go stand up for Israel.

  5. philipzhao says :

    Being a Chinese Buddhist who has also studied the Bible, I have found five instances where the God spoke of what one could and should do for Israel and Israeli people. Without citing chapters and verses, they are:
    1.Bless Israel
    2.Pray for Israel
    3.Comfort Israeli people
    4.Speak for them
    5.Give to them ( here I presume it meant to give both moral and spiritual support).
    I do pray my Buddha to bless Israel !!!

  6. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    israeliminx, you do make me laugh when I read your comments and despite the current serious situation in Gaza.

    For my part, I wish Israel would finish the job once and for all in Gaza! After all, my nickname is WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll!! That says it all, isn’t it?!!

    And for me at least, to finish the job would be to basically expulse ALL the inhabitants of Gaza, purposefully kill all the heads of Hamas and reclaim full sovereignty over Gaza, an Israeli territory according to the UN, if the UN was any valuable reference (it is not when it pertains to Israel!).
    That would solve this Gaza nightmare once and for all and LONG-TERM.

    I am afraid that Israel will go in Gaza, clean a few areas of arms and get back to Israel. AND in a few months’ time, Gaza will have re-armed and Israelis will again receive their deluge of rockets!! And you repeat what I say previously and let it be like that for several more decades!!!
    And hopefully one day (anyone is allowed to dream, isn’t it?!! Is it not Theodor Herzl who dreamed first one day a few decades ago?), one courageous Israeli PM will say “Enough is enough” and he will do what I have suggested!! When will we see this courageous PM? Well, I do not know but I cannot see Israel accepting several more decades of this same regular deluges of rockets even though it has been like that for decades so far!!

  7. Mac says :

    I always pray for Israel. I hope they go in with purpose and make a firm statement! Showing weakness to these groups just encourage them.

  8. 300yrs in America says :

    I pray the idf wipes out those terrorist bastards.that means complete expulsion.the fakestinian people are the ones who voted hamas into power.i know people get angry when i tell what muslims believe but it is the koran that tells them to steal murder rape lie etc.the peaceful muslims are called hypocrites by their prophet.jihad against Jews and Christians is the holiest most pious and sacred act in islam.if martyred the men go to a paradise of sexual debachery with virgin girls and/or young boys.i hope the idf crushes hamas and drives the fakestinians out.alas Yisrael is a civilized nation of intelligent compassionate people that would never attempt to eradicate any people.i believe that is why HaShem will have to be the one to destroy their enemies completely.the children of Yacov are too decent.islam is a 7th century scam by a merciless criminal and enforced by brutality.Judaism Christianity Buddhism Hinduism etc.do not teach that their adherents murder unbelievers.only islam teaches that.

  9. Lynne says :

    Are the schools and universities closed? Stay safe. Keep us posted.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema schools in the south have been closed all week for little kids and yesterday BGU announced it would be closed until Sunday (maybe longer, depending). Everything is open here in the Gush Dan (center), north, and in Judea and Sumeria regions.

  10. Larry007 says :

    We didn’t enter on foot yet. It will take another day or two at least, if things don’t cool off meanwhile.

    • israeliminx says :

      Larry, I think they put it on hold until the Egyptian FM leaves Gaza. His announcement that he was going into Gaza was sudden and unexpected. We aren’t even striking targets while he is in there, although the terrorists are still shooting rockets at our civilians.

  11. Lynne says :

    I read on Stratfor that the more that can be accomplished with air strikes, the safer the operations on the ground will be.

  12. Nate says :

    Should you really be reporting things like this? The enemy uses the Internet as well.

    Loose Lips Sink Ships.

    And Keyboards KILL!

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