Video: Hamas hides Fajr-5 rocket in underground launch site in Gaza

Fajr-5 rockets, a long range missile capable of threatening the lives of 3.5 million Israeli civilians, are shown being unloaded and concealed in an underground launch site. Thanks to our IAF soldiers, including the female pilot, the location they were hiding the rockets was recorded and later eliminated.

3 responses to “Video: Hamas hides Fajr-5 rocket in underground launch site in Gaza”

  1. 300yrs in America says :

    Im sure the terrorist er anti colonial freedom fighters will say this merely Yisraeli propaganda.i remember a muslim girl who used to comment @ various pro Yisrael blogs.even pictures and film clips of muslim butchery er uh pious holy warriors practicing their pure religion couldnt convince was Jews and Americans faking the photography to make muslims look sure the obama junta will say the same.

  2. says :

    This is soooo obviously propaganda given that the voice communications are in the English Language rather than Hebrew. Better luck next time. Also if the Fajr 5 Rocket is so precise at long range targeting why did the fired rocket supposedly hit the sea instead of a populated area? I see only oorly manufactured evidence of the existence of Fajr 5 rockets and a transparent intent to bring in the Iranians.

    • Lynne says :

      Kurtea, I don’t get my news from any mainstream media source. I rely on Stratfor, which is an independent think tank with no political party affiliations at all. Their reports are done by highly educated analysts, not media personalities with a degree in journalism.
      Stratfor reports that Hamas has Fajr 5 rockets, which have been sent to them from Iran through a north African route, Sudan and other places. They have more advanced weaponry than just those rockets.
      The Fajr is not so much precise as it is a long-range rocket.
      Any rockets, by the hundreds, being shot into residential areas can only be termed terrorism. Hamas has not been willing at any point in time to settle for any peace agreement. Their stated goal is the destruction of Israel, and the killing of all Jews everywhere in the world, not just in Israel.
      If you sympathize with terrorists, then you support terrorism and espouse a Nazi philosophy. Sympathizing with the people in Gaza is a different matter than supporting terrorism. The IDF tries to avoid civilian casualties, and the difference is that Hamas targets them. Clearly. Every rocket—nearly 900 now?—was sent into a residential area. The Iron Dome and the early warning system, and the fact that the IDF does not hide among civlians, are reasons that the death toll in Israel is not higher. Hamas had been targeting schools and kindergartens but those are empty. The schools in the South are closed to protect the kids.

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