Another shot at Tel Aviv

Siren went off about half an hour ago. Nobody in the building went to the “basement,” (it is actually a small room on the ground floor for storage and not underground or reinforced so its usefulness is pretty iffy) including me. I was in the middle of carrying down the yucky contents of two of the litter boxes and I’ll take threat of death by rocket over the smell they were giving off. Rocket hit outside of Tel Aviv in an open area.

5 responses to “Another shot at Tel Aviv”

  1. Lynne says :

    Is there a safer place that you could get to on your block? Try to be as safe as you can.

  2. Nicole says :

    oh, if your “basement” is on the ground floor then that is not a good place to be either. home front said that if you are on the top floor of a building, go down one flight and wait in the stairwell, but if you are on the ground floor then go up one flight and wait in the stairwell. Don’t try and get to a public shelter – you won’t have time.

    • Lynne says :

      Nicole, that is good advice. Unless that “basement” is reinforced for the purpose of being a shelter, it’s not any good.

  3. israeliminx says :

    unfortunately our stairwell is chock full of windows making it not a good place.

  4. SirJohn says :

    Hm, in the middle ages, when cities were under siege and the people were running out of things to throw at the marauders, they started flinging their waste over the walls. May be you should shoot the smelly kitty litter back at Gaza? Kind of an Israeli qassam?

    I am worried about you but trying to keep some humor in it all. Some much higher authority is watching over you.

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