Rockets hit house, car, kindergarten in Ashdod

IDF spokesperson just released info saying four rockets hit Ashdod, one scoring a direct hit on a house, one destroyed a car, another landed in the yard of a kindergarten, and one landed in an open area. Waiting for updates on injuries: Now in, 3 injured in the rocket attacks on Ashdod.

Also released: In the last hour, the IDF has begun deploying mobile artillery to the Gaza vicinity in preparation for a possible ground operation in the Strip.

Ganz has ordered an increase on airstrikes on Gaza.

Rocket just hit Beer Sheva and another hit in Eshkol.


2 responses to “Rockets hit house, car, kindergarten in Ashdod”

  1. Kelly says :

    Couldn’t get your blog page to load last night. Panicked, envisioned fantastical doomsday scenarios…relieved that I was able to “get in” this morning and find you are still in one piece.

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