morning update: 2 injured in Hamas rocket attack on Ashkelon

Rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists hits four-storey building; two people injured, others suffer from anxiety; two more rockets intercepted by Iron Dome. Another rocket destroyed two cars in the city.

Sky News and BBC news in full PR mode for Hamas terrorists. Oh, such a surprise there.


2 responses to “morning update: 2 injured in Hamas rocket attack on Ashkelon”

  1. Lynne says :

    Sky News and the BBC: In a word, evil.

  2. 300yrs in America says :

    Hang Tough. I know its easy to say since we dont have rockets being lobbed @ us YET.the only advice i can offer is to: Hit them hard and often. The enemy will never stop.they will sign any agreement and continue their assault.its HOODNAH another sacred act of islam.thats one reason i know allah/ar rahman isnt HaShem.HaShem is a Covenant keeping God.allah isnt.even when the children of Yisrael went into the Promised Land HaShem warned them not to make covenant with the peoples there.they met people with ragged clothes and moldy bread who claimed to have come from a far away country.Yisrael made covenant with them only to find the people were from just over a few hills.Yisrael realizing they had been fooled decided to break the agreement.HaShem told them they had made covenant and ordered them to keep it.those people were a thorn in Yisraels side until the days of king Shaul.the hamas murderers have the full support of the people in gaza.let them reap what they have sown.keep fighting back.dont relent.

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