Evening update

I love how the EU says essentially “we support Israel’s right to defend itself — stop defending yourself.” The rockets have continued to rain down on southern Israel today. They have been trying the tactic of shooting off 5 to 10 rockets at a time in the hopes of overwhelming the Iron Dome system and getting some through. Protesters in the “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria) are getting quite violent. Protesters in Belgium were calling for all Jews to be gassed. Obama’s State Department has announced they are ready to end the diplomatic isolation of…Hamas.

Teaching today was interesting. More than half of my students were not in class. Many have been called up to the reserves but many others did not come because the U.S. Embassy issued some announcement that Americans living south of Herzliya should not attend or travel to school. Shame they weren’t more worried about their embassy staff in Benghazi.

I am really tired but am back at manning the twitter account with updates and passing on information in realtime.


15 responses to “Evening update”

  1. Lynne says :

    Relax as much as you can, and try to pamper yourself. Without a ground offensive, how can the IDF stop the rocket attacks? Stratfor seemed to indicate that there would need to be a ground offensive in order to take the weapons out. I dread the thought of that.

    • Larry007 says :

      I’m in favor of an ground attack. You concentrate 50000 men and do what? Declare a ceasefire without taking out every terrorist and all the rockets/munition they have there? How lame is that ?

  2. Eitan (@EitanDC) says :

    Yael, everytime I read one of the links you post I get more shocked and appauled. This administration continues to be an absolute joke, a dangerous, seriously unfunny joke, but a joke nontheless. I don’t think its a coincidence that Hamas stepped up its rocket attacks soon after the election here in the States.

  3. israeliminx says :

    Larry me too. Enough of daily rocket attacks for years on end. If we’d done Cast Lead right instead of bowing to international pressure, we wouldn’t be experiencing this situation today.

    Eitan — as soon as I get time, I’ve got some more links to info about the O administration actions in the last few days that will appall your socks off unfortunately 😦

  4. Lynne says :

    I was shocked to hear that double-taking, vile Victoria Nuland of the State Department announce that is it ok to go to Gaza and to work diplomatically with Hamas, recognizing Hamas as a legitimate political party… no longer terrorists in spite of sending thousands of rockets into residential neighborhoods. Obama is treacherous—evil.

  5. 300yrs in America says :

    obama our fearless leader is talking out of both sides of his neck.on the one hand he says:Israel has the right to defend itsself etc. On the other hand he says dont punish hamas.the left has always been anti Yisrael here and in the eu.the fact that Yisrael exists is fulfillment of prophecy.that means HaShem exists.that is why the atheistic socialists hate Yisrael.there are some interesting stories @ Atlas Shrugs and @ Jihad Watch i recommend these sites highly.obama was raised to hate America and Yisrael.he considers all the terrorists to be anti colonial freedom fighters trying to rid themselves of America and Yisraels oppression.truely the prophet was right when he said:Yerushalyim will become a burdensome stone.we are praying for you and all Yisraelis.

  6. Mike says :

    Yeah, it looks like the EU and Obama are getting ready to throw Israel under the bus. Regardless of what Israel does, this kind of response will insure a longer regional war with far more deaths in the near future. I sometimes wonder what they think will happen in a real war where Israel doesn’t have the luxury being as careful as it is now.

    I don’t think any of them care about Israelis, or anybody else in the region. I think they just want things quite and will kick the can down the road and hope the big problems come to a head on somebody else’s watch.

    • Lynne says :

      Mike, clearly it is even more than not caring; it is pure evil. Diplomatically, the countries could have intervened, insisting on no terrorism, calling it what it is, and demanding a stop to it, but they didn’t. The vile media paints a picture very different from reality, and not favorable to Israel. It is clear what side they are on with their distortions, lies of omission (only Fox has tried to show a true picture with Michael Oren in an interview, giving him the opportunity to tell the truth). It is a very disheartening, depressing state of affairs.
      Obama could not be less of a friend of Israel. What were the American Jews who voted for Obama thinking when they supported Obama? Do they care about Israel at all?

  7. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    —Will this Israeli government act the same way that previous governments have acted and go for another bogus truce that in a few months or even much earlier will be broken once again and again regularly? That is the first question!
    Result of this option: By the way, did that before, did not work at all!! If a truce occurs, Gaza waits for the Israeli troops to go back home and then they start again sending rockets in a few months.
    Back to square zero very soon.

    —-And now what is the alternatives to a truce? That is the second question!
    Let us explore the options.
    1) Israeli does a ground operation, cleaning of the arms stored in Gaza and Israel is then back in Israel.
    Result: in no more than 4 months (if not much earlier), Gaza is fully rearmed and Israel is back to square zero, receiving again regularly rockets into Israel!!
    Cost: This ground operation cost Israeli lives and it produced no tangible LONG-TERM result.
    2) Israel keeps sending missiles by air to try to kill a few Hamas launchers.
    Result: completely useless strategy long-term because the launch of these rockets are done purposefully amid heavily populated area and they are also done through mobile launchers.
    3) Ground operation, killing of all the heads and Hamas and company people, cleaning of all the arms stored in Gaza, and preparation for a full expulsion of ALL the inhabitants of Gaza, full retake of sovereignty over Gaza that is, by the way, an Israeli enclave according to the evil UN!!
    Result: most of the Hamas heads are killed, the inhabitants of Gaza are given a few months to leave Gaza, Israel has full control of Gaza until full expulsion. No more rockets from Gaza forever, LONG-TERM!! At last!!!
    Problem: Psychologically, Israel and the Israelis are not ready for this option. Why?
    When you are fed in 99% of the Israeli media by basically a pro-Muslim propaganda that makes any action against Muslims kind of a crime, it takes a heavy toll on Israelis to change their way of thinking and to realise that these Muslims are, after all, more a curse than a blessing for Israel!!
    BUT that is the only option that would completely eradicate forever, LONG-TERM, the Gaza nightmare that appears recurrently, again and again at the latest moods from the Hamas terrorist heads in Gaza.
    Of course, Israel could easily explain 1) that Gaza is an Israeli enclave (no joking that is the truth!!); 2) that Israel cannot afford anymore to receive rockets into its territories that regularly killed Israelis, not to mention those who are maimed for life; 3) and other perfectly rational and logical reasons to justify this option.
    This option would have been adopted by any other country in the world just after only once instance of deluge of rockets into its territory!

    What I want is that, LONG-TERM, Israelis stopped being killed by rockets from Gaza and be maimed for life too and that terrorist organisations in Gaza be treated as the US would treat them if they were at an American border throwing rockets into the US.
    Is it too much to ask? Does it sound extremist to you?

    Let me know what is your choice of action for this current Israeli government, considering the fact that every single option (except option 3) has already been used before by previous Israeli governments several times in the past and they never ever worked LONG-TERM?!!
    Mention if you are Israeli or are living currently in Israel. Well, just be honest with what you think on this matter (no one will bite you for your point of view!) and try to explain why you choose a particular option. This way, it should be interesting to read what are your points of view on this matter. By the way, I respect a completely different point of view than mine.

  8. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    On the reality of the Muslim countries that supposedly would be “friends” of Israel!!! For instance, Turkey. I could go on and state Egypt and Jordan and I would surely stop there. Egypt and Jordan are supposedly in peace with Israel and therefore at least “friends” of Israel.
    “Turkish Prime Minister: ‘Israel Is A Terrorist State’ ” at http://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/11/19/turkish-prime-minister-israel-is-a-terrorist-state/
    Again, the way Israel has behaved with rockets launched from Gaza, basically doing nothing long-term, no country, especially Turkey, would have accepted even 1% of these rockets on its soil without going into a full-blown war!!

  9. SirJohn says :

    Well, let’s see. Sadly I have been pretty good at predicting what will happen in the political arena, since in the last two years all my predictions came true, though I usually hoped none of them would. I will try again: I predict we will see a “truce” before a ground offensive will be started. The reward for Hamas: international recognition bu EU and US.
    May be Fatah also gets some nice reward. In addition, Hamas will get even more funding from the Gulf, so they can replenish their missile stockpile.

    Egypt also will get some rewards, of course, for they will have been the “brokers” – regardless if this is true or not. Probably they will get lots of money and will be declared the regional power of the day. The West will therefore ignore any human rights abuses, such as the persecution of Christians.

    Turkey won’t like it that Egypt gets the limelight, so Turkey will demand some reward as well and probably will get the green light to engage in Syria, drawing the US and EU into this conflict.

    The losers in the game? Israel – gets nothing but a few months of fewer missiles, and Iran. Hamas is seeking other friends, and Syria will fall under Turkish aggression, so Iran will get nothing. That is interesting. May be BHO will have some consolation prize for Iran.

    Since BHO and the Europeans would love to get rid of Bibi, they will make sure that Bibi will not look good after all this is done. However, nobody knows if Bibi will follow these rules.

  10. Lynne says :

    Sir John, interesting predictions, and I fear quite likely accurate. Israel needs to look for other allies.

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