rockets, rockets, everywhere

There was a rocket attack on Jerusalem a few hours ago. I was teaching when dozens of cellphones in the hall went off with the news, parents and friends checking on students who live there. A rocket has just hit Rishon Letzion, close to Tel Aviv and reports are that at least 3 people have been injured in the attack. This afternoon 7 were injured in rocket attacks on Ashdod and 1 in Ashkelon. This morning two were hit by shrapnel in separate attacks in Eshkol.


8 responses to “rockets, rockets, everywhere”

  1. Lynne says :

    Are you home yet? Try to arrange a safe place for yourself. Do you have a heavy table to sleep under? You could cover it with heavy blankets or quilts; it might help some.
    There is much said about the Iron Dome but it is unable to intercept all of the incoming rockets.
    Obama lost no time trying to set Israel up for disaster.

  2. Mike says :

    Sounds like a cease fire is coming, although with this being the Middle East who knows. Yaeli, I hope you can give us an idea how most Israelis feel about this if it happens and once we know the conditions. It seems like the can has been kicked down the road, Hamas will get more and better weapons, and there will be a larger conflict down the road with more dead.

    Given the Hamas tactics of hiding among civilians and the “international community’s,” unwillingness to deal with that all while whining and complaining about civilian deaths gives Israel very little room to maneuver. The message is clear: hide among civilians and put their lives at risk.

    I’m afraid that Israel won’t truly be able to act the way it needs to unless hundreds of ISraeli civilians die. That is what all of us, even the so called “peace activists,” want to prevent. Of course once lots of Israeli civilians are dying, Israel will have to act with a lot less restraint, which means a lot more Palestinians will die too. It’s funny how what’s happening is setting the stage for the very thing people say they want t avoid.

    • israeliminx says :

      According to poll by arutz sheva 45% want to continue until hamas is removed completely. The last ceasefire with cast lead worked so well for us — then they had grads that could reach Beer Sheva, now they can hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. And no, don’t expect the world to ever really support Israel fighting back –hundreds of dead Israelis? The world stood by while 6 million Jews died. They’d stand by and then wring their hands over oh how awful only once we’d been obliterated.

      • XSouthAfricanGal says :

        Good grief!!
        you rely on news from arutz sheva??
        Lynne I suppose that being overthere things seem much worse then what they realy are BUT there is no need to sleep under a table or what ever.
        Just listen to orders from the army and go to shelters when the siren goes off

        • israeliminx says :

          I even read the worthless rag that is Ha’aretz. One of the few in the country who does.

          • XSouthAfricanGal says :

            Well Haaretz is better then the BiBiTon AKA Israel hayom or the Jlem-post which is the rightist “rag”

            its either Haaretz or Yedith Ahronot IMHO

        • Lynne says :

          XSouthAfricanGal, hey, thanks for the reassuring words. I hope that everyone there is being as safe as possible. I guess getting caught out in the open is one of the biggest dangers.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    On a different subject for a change, read “Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants” at
    It is not enough that Obama will bankrupt the US for four more years at a rate of around $1 TRILLION of US deficit each year, now they also want to have access to everything that belongs to you: emails, and what else next?!!

    It is time to search an email online solution that could encrypt it fully each time the user decides to read his email. I am not aware of such a product but I will start looking for it.

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