Soldier, civilian killed in Israel by terrorist rocket fire

The 18 year old soldier who was wounded earlier today has succumbed to his wounds this evening. News is reporting that a civilian has been killed in the south, reports are he is a Beduin from one of the unofficial encampments/villages.

Update: Young beduin-Israeli from village just outside of Beer Sheva was killed. His companion is currently in extremely critical condition in hospital. An Israeli woman is in serious condition after being shot by a Palestinian in Beitar Illit.

Update: hundreds gathering in Tel Aviv for a spontaneous rally to support the IDF and citizens of the south of Israel.


12 responses to “Soldier, civilian killed in Israel by terrorist rocket fire”

  1. Lynne says :

    So sad. It makes me furious.
    I hope that Israel will not be pressured into a ceasefire that is not to the advantage of the country in this situation.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    If I was PM of Israel, it would take me only one month to solve LONG-TERM, FOR EVER the Gaza situation (killing of all the Hamas members in Gaza who are armed, full control of Gaza in view of a full expulsion) and I would give two months to expulse every single Gaza inhabitant.

    By the way, Gaza is an ISRAELI enclave that is fully part of Israel according to the UN!! Yet, not a single Jew or Israeli is allowed to live over there and, even if any Jew or Israeli would be allowed, they would be lynched immediately. Despite that, Israel is asked to live among many Muslims in Israel who fully support Hamas and its goal of invading Israel and transforming it into a Muslim state!

    Be ready to more rockets because a cease-fire is coming soon so Hamas and company have to try to kill as many Israelis as possible before complying to this coming cease-fire. If the Hamas terrorists are able to comply to anything in relation to Israel!!

    Read “Lieberman: We can’t invade Gaza before elections” at,7340,L-4309430,00.html
    Here is what he says and that is quite interesting:
    “Asked about the possibility of overthrowing the Islamist Hamas regime in Gaza, the FM said, “We’ll get to it.”
    Addressing the government’s apparent decision not to launch a ground offensive in Gaza, Lieberman said, “My approach is simple – if our forces enter Gaza, we must go all the way. In Operation Cast Lead we invaded and paid a heavy price as far as global public opinion is concerned and the various Goldstone reports.
    “The government cannot take such a decision (invasion) two months before elections,” Israel’s top diplomat said. “We should leave this decision for the next government. “.
    The last part is quite worrying. How on earth does he have to take into account the coming new government is beyond my tolerance level I could say even though I get the idea behind such shocking position.
    The part saying that if Israel enters Gaza, they have to go all they way. But what “all the way” means for Lieberman?! It probably does not mean the same than for me for instance.
    About overthrowing Hamas, well, please, the sooner, the better. And yes kill as many Hamas operatives as possible because these people are terrorists of the vilest kind.

    Well, when I read what Lieberman says that he have to wait after the new government comes into power, I really do not like that kind of remarks even though I understand why he says that. It nevertheless leaves me with a very bad taste concerning politicians. I had hope that Israeli politicians in time of crisis would raise about petty politics and act in the interests of the nation!! Apparently not!! It is the interests of their next seat at the Knesset that comes first!!

  3. israeliminx says :

    Looks like ceasefire isn’t going to happen tonight. Could be surprised but all signs pointing to no.

  4. Larry007 says :

    A senior Hamas official just twittered that no ceasefire has been reach for tonight, as previous thought.

    I hope we go in and destroy all the terrorists, Islamic Jihad and al-Queada and all the other ones.

  5. Lynne says :

    There is no point in waiting until Hamas had more weapons!

  6. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    On Egypt and the willingness of Israel to even allow Egypt to be a mediator with Hamas!!
    I do know that Israel cannot mediate directly with Hamas but to put your faith in the “good faith” of a Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian president is kind of too much for my taste. Egypt is simply highly biased on this matter.
    At the end of the day, Egypt is completely unfit, unreliable and untrustworthy to discuss anything in relation to Hamas and in especially in relation to Israel!!! Therefore, why on earth this Israeli government gives so much influence to Egypt as a mediator between Israel and Hams is beyond thinkable! There are other countries who are not so biased who could mediate.
    And since when the Jewish people has put any faith in Egypt, the very land that enslaved the Jewish people more than two millennia ago?!!!! Have we not learnt anything from Jewish past history?!!!

    There is an interesting article on this matter on “As Israel and Hamas grapple with cease-fire, Barak and Netanyahu disagree on terms” at

    According to this article above, the cease-fire is off at the last minute, for tonight at least. And with what Lieberman has stupidly explained for all to read, I have the bad feeling that Hamas is going to ask for so unbearable conditions that Israel is going to be forced to refuse!!
    I think Lieberman should have shut his mouth and kept his inside information to himself, at least until the situation is completely resolved. No smart minister says that he cannot do a ground invasion of Gaza because the elections are coming!!! That is giving up valuable information to Hamas and be sure they will make the most of it!!

  7. SirJohn says :

    As much as I wish all my friends in Israel that they might have a safe sleep without fear of missiles, I must say that I have the feeling a cease fire now would be too early. The root of the evil must be destroyed once and for all. If necessary, all of Gaza must be flattened, until not one man, woman or child there even will think of taking up arms against Israel again. Only then there will be real peace.

  8. israeliminx says :

    I don’t think the politicians want to have an incursion with the elections so close. They are playing politics with our lives.

    • Lynne says :

      I am quite sure that the pressure from Obama is intense to avoid “ramping up” the military operation. Clinton is no less than a snake in the grass.

  9. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Well, a simple question, is there really possibility of peace if Israel does not do what I have proposed, a complete expulsion of all the inhabitants of Gaza? That is the question. If Israel would do the other options: incursion in Gaza and cleaning of Gaza and back to Israel; or other options.
    And the answer is quite simple. Why Gaza was invaded with Muslims in the first place? It was to act as a Trojan horse to attack Israel!! That is the only reason why Gaza is occupied by Muslims, as Gaza is an Israeli territory Judenrein, Israelis-free and Jews-free!!
    Therefore, some of you might have thought that asking for an expulsion of all the inhabitants of Gaza is extreme but, the truth is, it is I strongly believe the only solution LONG-TERM to the Gaza nightmare. All the other solutions available to Israel, they all lead back to square zero where Hamas and company again launch rockets into Israel whenever they want!!

    A simple example. Imagine Israel deciding to attack Iran, a very complex and very hard task in itself, and in a few months’ time, it will be on the table for Israel. Be sure that, with Hamas still operating in Gaza, Israel would receive from Gaza rockets to weaken their attack on Iran. And there is a strong possibility that Hezbollah would join the chorus in such a case.
    That is another reason why Israel has to finish the job with Hamas long-term, once and for all. How to do that is the problem?! Israel could come in, kill Hamas operatives and clean Gaza of arms and come back to Israel. The problem with this scenario is that, a few months later, Hamas operatives who fled to Egypt are back in Gaza, they get easily back rockets and they are ready to launch rockets as if Israel’s last incursion had achieved nothing at all.
    As you see, my long-term solution (expulsion of all the inhabitants of Gaza) seems to be the only one that would ensure long-term that Hamas and company are NOT back into Gaza to launch again rockets into Israel.

    The problem is that Israel has not the courage to explain to the world that “enough is enough” and do the job.

  10. 300yrs in America says :

    @Wipe Out you are under NO delusions and i applaud your opinion isnt much different than yours or Sir John.i know that any left wing politician always puts socialism above everything including family and country.the fakestinians are egyptians ,syrians etc.the muslims NEVER cared about Yisrael or palestine(as hadrianus named it)until the rightful owners returned en masse.Jews have ALWAYS lived in the land.the Tenach is not only the GREATEST Book ever the Torah contains the deed to the Land when Avraham purchased other people have ANY right to one grain of sand.The land was a desert until Yisrael it is a garden of life in the middle of thousands of miles of HaShem said.muslims are driven by fanatical hate commanded by their god and prophet.Yisrael is between hasatan and the deep blue sea.Fight.HaShem is with you.He keeps His one can drive Yisrael out.i agree drive the fakestinians looks like Ezekiel 38&39 is here.

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