Dude, fantastic, another ‘ceasefire’ so Hamas can get better killer weapons

When elections arrive in February, I will be voting for whatever party promises to have the strongest backbone and be willing to kick ass. It ain’t going to be Bibi’s Likud, nor Lieberman’s party.


27 responses to “Dude, fantastic, another ‘ceasefire’ so Hamas can get better killer weapons”

  1. tddpirate says :

    Don’t be quick to condemn Netanyahu or Lieberman.

    They are playing a game of chess. There are several moves yet to be made.
    When the Hamas break the ceasefire (and they are likely to do so), I expect Israel to score some points for use in the next move.

    Netanyahu and Lieberman still have to deal with the Hizbollah threat in Lebanon, the Iranian nuclear program and the chemical weapons in Syria.

    I don’t know how to deal with all those threats, but I know that going by one’s tempers and emotions is not going to be successful. Doing things in a thoughtful and deliberate way is more likely to succeed. And Netanyahu did hold long meetings of the nine minsters group, so it is likely that they pondered and deliberated over the next few moves.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Exactly the same point of view that I have with you on this matter. I was saying to myself “A ceasefire and then what?!!” In a few months or whenever it suits Iran, Israel will again receive a deluge of rockets and again Israel will parrot the same completely inefficient, useless responses!!

    Well, when I heard Lieberman saying publicly that the current Israeli government would wait after the elections to eventually take real action, I think it is obvious that Israelis must not expect any harsh measures against Hamas anytime soon!!

    And as you say, this ceasefire will give Hamas plenty of time to rearm themselves to the teeth!! And the next time, they might very well have much more accurate and more deadly rockets to launch from Gaza!!

    Well, for the time being we are at square zero again and it has been like that for several decades and counting!! That is the sad and upsetting reality of Gaza!
    Even the Israelis are fed up at allowing Hamas to get away AGAIN!!

    Israeli politicians suffer from a pathological psychological weakness of being afraid of doing what needs to be done FULLY, to the point where the threat is completely eradicated, killed forever, long-term and never to appear again ever!! That is a psychological mental blockage that is going to be very hard to get rid of. Why? In Israel, each time you open your TV or read Israeli newspapers, they are a bias in favor of Muslims in some way in the sense that it is kind of taboo to propose striking Muslims the way they deserve when they deserve it! Therefore, it is not a surprise that for decades the various Israeli governments have been incapable of finishing for good Hamas and company and basically expulsing all the inhabitants of Gaza, an indispensable condition for any long-term peace in Gaza. As long as there are Muslim inhabitants in Gaza, there will be Hamas and company settling into this Muslim population, that is the reality that Israel has to acknowledge. Once you get rid of all the inhabitants in Gaza, Hamas and company are left naked I could say and they are forced to plan their attacks from Egypt instead!! That is the current reality and the previous and current Israeli governments have not been able to act in a way that the USA would have done to finish the job once and for all!

    The USA would have finished the job in less than a month and forever if for instance rockets were thrown from Mexico into Texas, say Tucson. And they would have not hesitated to expulse all the inhabitants of a particular area to ensure a lasting peace.

    Now we are going to see in the Muslim world claims of triumph for Hamas! And they will transform this situation to another propaganda in their favor. After all, each time they attack Israel by throwing at Israelis hundreds of rockets, Israel does nothing. That ought to be considered as a victory!! As any country that would have been at Israel’s place would have annihilated, killed all the Hamas operatives in Gaza and expulsed all the inhabitants of Gaza to avoid a repeat of the same later on. But ask Israel to do the same and, in Israel especially, you are systematically accused of being an extreme right-wing fanatic!!

    Me, I am not an extreme right-wing fanatic, I am just a Jew from the Diaspora who would like to see the ancestral rights of the Jewish people on the Land of Israel fully recognized instead of being kept silent and who also would like the Jewish people in Israel to be left to live their lives in peace like any other country if it is not too much to ask!! Does that make me an extreme right-wing fanatic?!!! I do NOT think so!!

  3. Mike says :

    You know, Israel has a lot of support from the U.S. public. I live in a more conservative area, but I was still happily surprised by the number of honks and waves we got when we did our little counter demo the other night.

    Still, there are some underlying trends that should worry all who support Israel. Israel is not as popular among younger voters and Democrats but I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s unpopular. I think the position of the Obama administration reflect those trends. Anyway, I think Israel will need to rethink its strategic positions in light of those realities and those of us who advocate for Israel need to rethink what we say.

    I also think it’s worth noting a poll showed support for Palestinians in the recent fighting was only 14 percent and Palestinian support has never been higher than 18 percent in any poll. The reality is, right or wrong, that Americans to some extent lump all Arabs together so when Arabs kill Americans in Bengazi that hurts Palestinians and the fighting in Syria creates negative images of Arabs that transfer to Palestinians.

    I’m not sure how Israel and those of us who advocate for Israel alter our actions based on these realities. Part of the problem is that the international community in general seem to send a mixed message.

    I don’t know what Israelis will take away from the latest fighting (and I hope Yaeli will write about it — and I’d really love to come to Israel and talk to Israelis about it), but my take away is that the international community will not address ongoing attacks on Israel nor will Israel be allowed to deal with attacks on its own by any means — the use of force is out and non-viloent means like embargoes and blockades are out.

    At the same time, the international community expects Israel to make painful concessions for peace. It sees this as land for peace while Israelis see it as land for terror. Now the Israeli perception might be wrong, but perception is to some extent reality in these situation and again the international community has shown itself unwilling to address Israeli perceptions or show a path forward if it turns out Israeli fears are justified.

    All this puts Israel in a tight spot without much room to maneuver. Certainly Israel has the military power to deal with the situation, but I’m not sure about the diplomatic fallout. War is diplomacy by other means. (I’m sure Yael could give the quote in the original German.)

    Again, I don’t know what anybody should do. What I do know is that the actions buy actors other than ISraelis makes peace less possible, but many of those same actors now more than ever expect Israeli to make peace.

    The only other thing I would point out is this: After Lebanon II, I thought Israel had lost — diplomatically although not militarily. Now, six years on, it’s clear Hezbollah lost. It has it’s weapons but political reality keeps it from acting against Israel, it’s bogged down in Syria, and its major patron Iran, who seemed at the time to be on the ascendance, is now facing major hurdles including the loss Syria. I think this proves that things change and the diplomatic game is important as much as we all dislike it.

    • Lynne says :

      Mike, what a thought-provoking comment! A complex, complicated situation. Those in the international community who oppose Israel’s defense are nothing less than anti-Semites. The focus on tiny Israel, the severe distortions in the media, and the lack of any interest in the countries where there are outrageous human rights violations and brutal fighting and atrocities are indications of a sick, warped mindset among far too many people in the world.
      I hope that Israel will work to establish good relationships with countries that don’t seem so biased and warped overall, and I know that Israel will continue to work to try to improve the lives of the Palestinians and to work with their leaders who are somewhat reasonable towards a resolution. Working with Hamas…probably useless, they are terrorists.
      As to the ceasefire, hmmm, I hope that Israel’s leaders will be ready to take action if (and probably when) Hamas breaks the peace.

  4. 300yrs in America says :

    1st of the obama junta would surrender if the US was attacked after apologies that our citizens deliberately allowed themselves to killed.the problem is the people who comment here are rational intelligent people who have grown up with Judeo/Christian ethics.the muslim has been taught the koran/hadith/sunnah ethic.HaShem tells us:Love your neighbor as yourself Vaya Hafta LaRayicha ChaMocha(pardon my poor transliteration).compare that to islam:kill your neighbor or family member if they wont accept islam and hate and kill Jews as allah HATES them.lie and decieve,steal,rape,murder,etc to kufirs.These are NOT rational ideals or rational people.muslims call the oslo accords:the oslo hudnah.their religion has the earth divided into 2 spheres:dar al harb/the world of war and dar al islam/the world of islam.BiBi knows that the muslim states that surround Yisrael are watching intentley.Perhaps he is waiting until he has a sure mandate from The People.I know he is not stupid or weak.i pray for Yisrael and you minx.

  5. SirJohn says :

    I also was disappointed when I heard the news, but must say I agree with Mike and Pirate. Israel did not lose this one. First of all, the cease fire will have to hold. If missiles fly in the next days, well, then there will be no cease fire. But, in that case, or whenever it will break (and I am sure it will break some day), Israel scored one point: it has Egypt on the line. Egypt now will be made responsible if Hamas does not keep the cease fire. That puts the Egyptian government in a tight spot, and that is exactly where want it to be.

    And let’s not fool ourselves: a ground offensive would have been costly, but it would not have solved the problem of having 1.6 million hateful creatures in Gaza who can’t wait for the next opportunity to kill Jews. A permanent solution to this problem still is beyond reach for everyone. Peace is still an illusion.

    Once again, words which had been written thousands of years ago prove to be made for today: “They dress the wound of my people as though it was not serious. Peace, peace, they say, when there is no peace.” Jeremiah 8:11 NIV

    • Lynne says :

      Sir John, I totally agree with you. A ground operation in Gaza would have been costly in many respects, and I know that there are many families tonight that are so relieved that their young family members will not be fighting in Gaza in the next few days.
      You are right; Israel certainly came out of this better than Hamas. By most accounts, there was significant damage down to critical Hamas operations, as well getting rid of many stockpiles of weapons. Those secondary explosions and the explosions that were much more severe than one would expect: Hamas weapons stockpiles. You know that, I am sure, but I heard a couple of interviews from journalists, and they did not seem to connect that. I’m tired of the reporting from journalists who give a “Gaza perspective” without telling the entire truth—that people are consistently and without fail warned away from areas where Israel will operate militarily. Many of these journalists relentlessly attempt to promote the idea that Israel is the aggressor and the Palestinians victims. Sick of them.
      Yes, peace is still an illusion as long as the philosophy of Hamas and Islamists prevail. Love the quote with which you ended your comment.

      • Sylvia says :

        Nearly two centuries ago, the then Prime Minister of Great Britain, William Ewart Gladstone, called the Quran an “accursed book”. He once held it up during a session of Parliament – yes, during a session of Parliament, right there in the House of Commons, and declared: “So long as there is this book, there will be no peace in the world”.

        Where, oh, where is the man – or woman – who will be brave enough to stand up in the House of Commons today, or in any other parliament of any non-Muslim nation within the Commonwealth (say, in Canada, or Australia, or New Zealand, or India), or in the Duma, or in the seat of government of any country in continental Europe, or in Congress, or in the Knesset, and hold up a Quran – with, perhaps, too, a volume of the Sirat rasool allah, and a volume representing the Hadith, now that we know that Islam, the Sharia, depends not merely on the Quran but on the rest of what might be called ‘the trilogy’ – and do as William Gladstone did: formally call the canonical texts of Islam “accursed”, and declare that so long as these accursed books are read and taken to heart and obeyed by millions, then there will be no peace in the world?

        • Lynne says :

          Sylvia, you are right. Absolutely right. It’s a combination of misguided political correctness and fear…the extremists will kill anyone for any criticism of Islam.

  6. philipzhao says :

    God disposes !

  7. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    And now the Israeli government plans to open the border to the terrorists from Gaza. I am not a prophet but, as soon as they do that, get ready in Israel to get a significant increase in terror attacks!!

    More, how on earth would any Israeli want to be in contact with any person from Gaza when the entire population rejoices when Israelis are killed or maimed for life?!!
    How on earth would any Israeli government even consider allowing the terrorists from Gaza (any person from Gaza is a potential one!) from coming into Israel and mixing with Israelis is beyond my understanding?!!

    How could any rational and logical person envisage a future with the people from Gaza living among Israelis in Israel in peace long-term?

    The opening of the Gaza border with Israel is a disaster ready to explode in Israel’s face as soon as it is implemented!

  8. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    On the Israeli Arabs in Israel. For most Israelis, the Israeli Arabs are faithful Israeli citizens who do not get involved in terrorism. Well, think again. In fact, all the main terrorist acts of the past decades were done with the active participation of Arab Israelis. And when I say Arab Israelis, I also mean Muslims living in the West Bank and, believe it or not, Gaza is an Israeli enclave according to the UN and therefore one should even call the Muslims living in Gaza Arab Israelis even though I do not think they have Israeli citizenship and yet Gaza is for the UN an Israeli territory!
    Read “Israeli Arabs suspected of aiding bus bombing” at http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/israeli-arabs-suspected-of-aiding-tel-aviv-bus-bombing/?cat_orig=world

  9. israeliminx says :

    It is a very cynical, very political decision. Ever played kick the can? Elections are near.

    • Lynne says :

      Hmmmm I doubt that it was one that the Israeli leaders made lightly. In spite of the words of support from Obama, don’t be fooled at all. Look who he asked to mediate: Egypt and Turkey. I guess he was going to ask Iran next.

  10. Larry007 says :

    I’m watching “Last Resort” , ABC show . Makes you think about whats really going on, Benghazi and everything.

  11. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    A few comments from the past from Israeli politicians worth seeing to notice how wrong all of them were!! It is my hope that the Jewish people does learn from their mistakes, if it is not too much to ask!!!
    See “Politicians: “There is No Threat of Rockets from the Disengagement” ” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=klKUFBVV0k4

    Read also two interesting articles:
    —” The Idiocy of Gaza Withdrawal Advocates is Now Exposed” at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/12475#.UK5TgtfDWSo
    —“Repeat 1,000 Times: ‘We Told You So’ About Oslo” at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/162397#.UK5TLtfDWSo

    Make no mistakes, it is not the last time that Israel will receive a deluge of rockets!! But each time it happens, each time they will use updated rockets that are more accurate and more deadly.

    And if Iran reaches the stage of having nuclear bombs (hopefully the Israeli politicians will have done a massive strike on Iran to prevent it before it happens!!), Iran will transfer a few to Gaza and to Hezbollah, without the shadow of a doubt. Iran even proudly confirmed that they have been involved at sending rockets into Gaza.

  12. chairwoman says :

    They will all make the promises, Minxie Baby.

    It shall be interesting to see who keeps it.

  13. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Well, surprise (?!!!), a Muslim Arab Israeli is responsible for the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv that injured 29 people!!! A Muslim Arab Israeli responsible for a terrorist attack? IMPOSSIBLE a few of you might exclaim? Well, “I told you so!!!” I could say once again.
    Read “Shin Bet arrests Tel Aviv bus bombing suspects” at http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4310735,00.html

    • Lynne says :

      Actually, if most Arab-Israelis were like this terrorist, there would have been a full scale civil war within Israel a long time ago. There may be many Arab-Israelis who are not loyal to Israel and whose sympathies are with Hamas, but there are also many who are loyal to Israel, and there are those who serve with honor in the military in support of Israel.
      All Arab-Israelis have the opportunity for good lives in Israel where they have equal opportunities to serve in the military, in government, to run businesses, and to worship in safety. There are always those in every society who do not know where their allegiance should be and who do not recognize the advantages of their situations.
      And, in every society there are criminals, and terrorists are criminals.

      • WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

        99% of the Israeli Arabs supported Hamas during this latest deluge of rockets and the same when Hezbollah launched rockets into Israel. Most were silent, knowing very well that they could backlash with Israelis but quite a few were very openly supporting Hamas. But listen and read to the Arab Israelis media in Arabic and you then discover that the Israeli Arabs for their majority espouse fully the goals of Hamas: their latest claim, the creation of a Palestinian state to act as a better Trojan Horse than Gaza, not to mention their other goals of replacing the entire Israel by a Muslim state and the specific killing of Israeli Jews during this action.

        Many of the terrorist attacks of the past have involved Arab Israelis providing supports of various kinds, all of them indispensable to carry out these terrorist attacks.

        Concerning the Army, the reality is that probably less than 1% among Israeli Arabs do the Army in Israel!! That is the reality.

    • tddpirate says :

      The Israeli Arab involved in the terror attack is someone who was originally from West Bank and who got Israeli citizenship due to family unification.
      Nowadays it is very difficult or impossible for Palestinians to get Israeli citizenship by marrying Israeli Arabs. The Left cries foul due to this change in law.

  14. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    I forgot to ask. When is Israel going to establish the death penalty for terrorists like this Muslim Arab Israeli responsible for the Tel Aviv terrorist attack? A change on this matter is long overdue!!!

    These murderers must know that each time they commit their terrorist acts, they do a terrorist act that will possibly cost them their lives. Otherwise, the only other alternative that they could be afraid of is basically a vacation in an Israeli prison with TV, movies, gym, even the possibility to study for a degree, all of this at the expenses of the victims’ families of the terrorist attack that this terrorist murderer committed!!!

    Honestly, when will the Israelis petition their MKS to have the law changed on this matter of the death penalty?!!! The sooner, the better!! And ask to have this law to be applicable retroactively, as there is a long queue of (Muslim) terrorists already in Israel’s jails waiting to be wiped out ASAP using the death penalty!!

    • tddpirate says :

      There is already death penalty in the books for terrorists – it is part of the military law.
      However, for a military court to be authorized to impose the death penalty, it needs to meet certain personnel requirements. Military courts are carefully composed so as not to meet those requirements.

      Several years ago, such a court by mistake met the requirements and it indeed imposed the death penalty on a terrorist. The death penalty was promptly changed to imprisonment.

      I think that actually it is better not to impose the death penalty in court, only kill them in war. This encourages them to surrender whenever possible.

      In all history of modern Israel only two people were executed.
      The first one was executed during the 1948 War of Independence. Subsequently it was found that there was a mistrial.
      The second one was Adolf Eichmann.

  15. israeliminx says :

    Poll released by our Channel 2 news indicates that 70% of Israelis oppose the cease-fire agreement, and only 24% support it.

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