terrorist attack on bus in Tel Aviv, mass casualty event

Dozens of amublances, cop cars, and firetrucks are racing past my apartment with sirens screaming. A bus has blown up in Tel Aviv at King Shaul (Shaul HaMelek) Street. Updates as I get them (you’ll need to reload the page).

Update: At least 10 wounded. Reports it was a suicide bombing. Also reports police are giving chase to suspects involved in the attack.

Update: Reports of second live bomb found at the scene. Medics working to get injured away quickly. Police trying to clear the scene.

Update: Fear of another attack elsewhere in the city. Terrorists escaped the scene. More sirens blazing past.

Update: No body of terrorist in bus. Left bomb in a bag under a seat. Terrorist on the loose.

Update: Ground and air search underway for terrorist. Police helicopters in the air over Tel Aviv.

Update: news of the attack is being broadcast by mosque loudspeakers across Gaza in celebration claiming it is a victory from Allah.

Update: second bomb found on bus that did not explode.

Update: Female suspect arrested in Ramat Gan at the Diamond Exchange.
Update: Number of injured now reported at 13 evacuated to hospital. Now up to 16, with 3 in critical condition. Thank g-d the second bomb did not go off. It is a miracle no one is dead on the scene. 17 injured.
Update: Channel 2 reports Palestinians handing out candy and celebrating in Ramallah and across the West Bank
Update: Now saying terrorist not arrested. Arutz 7 reporting a suspect (male) was arrested in Ramat Gan. Reports of another explosion at Azrieli Mall on radio but unconfirmed.
Update; Male terror suspect arrested, female terrorist being searched for. Number of injured rises to 21.
Update: Azrieli Mall is closed off (close to where the bus blew up), police are seeking a “pregnant” looking female terrorist. She may be pregnant or may have disguised herself as a pregnant woman to avoid suspicion in the bombing.
Update: schools have been told not to release students at the regular time in Tel Aviv but to keep them inside until further notice.
Update: schools can now (1:40) let the children go home.

8 responses to “terrorist attack on bus in Tel Aviv, mass casualty event”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    And this terrorist act in Tel Aviv is one of the many reasons why I strongly believe that there is no future for Muslims to live in Israel among Israeli Jews. Why? Because in the coming decades, Israelis will regularly be murdered by these Muslims living in Israel. Muslims in Israel will always oppose a normal life in Israel for Israelis. And do not think that this terrorist is not living in Israel regularly, he is, irrespective of whether or not he is an Israeli citizen.

    And do not expect a quick cease-fire!! Now that Hamas knows that this Israeli government will do nothing in Gaza until the next elections (thanks to Lieberman who acted stupidly recently), I see a cease-fire more complicated to achieve because Hamas will increase its demands. And then, will this cease-fire solve anything concerning Gaza? NO!!

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Here is the reality of the Gaza inhabitants. Contrary to the false perception by many, Gaza inhabitants are not the victims of terrorists who would have infiltrated Gaza, they are fully supporting them, especially when Israelis are murdered or maimed for life.
    Here is the proof of that if it was really necessary to support this point with a proof. Read “Gaza: Celebrations over TA bombing” at http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4309890,00.html

    You are all rational and logical people reading this blog. Therefore, let me ask you a very simple and yet very rational question: How do you expect the inhabitants of Gaza (AN ISRAELI TERRITORY ACCORDING TO THE UN EVEN IF ISRAELIS ARE FORBIDDEN TO LIVE IN IT) to live among Israelis when their only goals is to support terrorist activities against Israel and when 99.9% of the Gaza inhabitants hate the State of Israel, Israelis and, last but not least, Jews?!!!
    That is the reason why I do not see any solution LONG-TERM with the Gaza inhabitants to send them back to the countries they come from, most of them coming directly from Egypt. By the way, Arafat too was born in Egypt and came from Egypt!!

  3. tddpirate says :

    Oh, now I understand why there was a road block in Jabotinsky Ave. east of Geha Interchange. I was returning from Rehovot (an accessible popular science lecture in Weizmann Institute) and traffic moved so slowly that I decided to disembark from the public transportation (“sherut”) and walk the rest of the way to home (an hour long walk).

  4. 300yrs in America says :

    All hamas and islamic jihad et al are doing is practicing their religion as commanded by allah/ar rahman thru the prophet muhammad. There will NEVER be peace.every imam mullah etc.preach the word of koran.the koran states that muslims are not to be friends of Christians and Jews.that even the rocks and trees will cry out:o muslim there is a Jew hiding behind me come kill him.Until we understand these attacks are pious acts in islam we are doomed.A so called moderate is a BAD muslim a hypocrite.Please understand islam requires jihad against the children of Yacov.they are blood bent on exterminating Jews,allah/ar rahman commands it.Wake up and realize that Yisraels existance is anathema to islam and the left.a muslim elected rep.in europe ranted that europe needs another hitler to give the Jews showers.I pray that ALL Jews and Christians will see that islam is here to destroy us and any other faith that rejects islam.Read:muhammad Prophet of Doom so you will understand islam.Fight back and fight to win.

  5. 300yrs in America says :

    Well the cease fire is in effect and hamas iran islamic jihad plo are claiming victory over Yisrael.IDF soldiers spell out:BiBi loser with bodies in Hebrew.i know obama put pressure on Yisrael to accept the cease fire.unfortunately tmb morsi of egypt has elevated status as a peace maker.it makes my skin crawl.im all for peace but as long as islam exists there will be no peace.be ready Yisrael the terrorists are still there.

    • tddpirate says :

      It is better that Egypt has the prestige of being a peacemaker, rather than Turkey or Iran.
      Also I don’t think that it’s over. Let them celebrate their “victory” and let’s collect evidence that they celebrate the bus terror attack. One day they’ll be presented the bill for those celebrations.

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