Ceasefire causes Bibi’s party to drop like a stone in backing

A new Israeli poll released this morning, and conducted following the cease-fire with Hamas, announced yesterday after 8 days of fighting, shows a significant drop in public support for Israeli Prime Minister Netanayhu.

The poll which was commissioned by Israel’s Knesset website and conducted by the Panels Institute shows Netanyahu’s joint list with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, named Likud-Beiteinu dropping significantly from a current 42 seats combined to 33 seats.

Strong gains on Israel’s right were marked by the Jewish Home party headed by former Netanyahu Chief of Staff Naftali Bennett which rose from 11 to 13 seats, and the Power to Israel party of Michael Ben-Ari and Aryeh Eldad, now projected to win 4 seats. The Orthodox Shas party remained static in the poll with 10 mandates.

Meretz and United Torah Judaism both came in with 6 seats. Israel’s Labor party gained two seats from a previous poll rising to 22 seats, and the Yesh Atid party of former Journalist Yair Lapid dropped from 13 seats to 11.

According to Israeli website Walla, a Likud mister who did not wish to be named said that the, “public response is very, very difficult. We do not remember such a magnitude of an enraged response. People call and say: this time we will not vote Likud.”

Another minister is quoted as saying that a reserve soldier said: “A week ago all of my battalion were Likudniks. Now, if you think anyone would vote Likud You’re kidding yourself.”


5 responses to “Ceasefire causes Bibi’s party to drop like a stone in backing”

  1. Lynne says :

    Well, it’s hard to predict, but I believe that this is going to have far reaching, and unintended consequences—not all necessarily bad. For one thing, it has created turmoil in Egypt—protests and opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders. It’s not what leaders say but what they do that is significant, and the overall situation in the Middle East has many leaders worried, Jordan’s King, for example. Turkey is trying to intervene in Syria, wanted to use rockets which Russian protested—all that criticism about Israel’s operation in Gaza killing innocent people—let’s see what happens when Turkey starts firing rockets into Syria! It’s a difficult neighborhood to live in!
    There is what is absolutely known and what happened behind the scenes, and do you think that Clinton and Obama were supportive of Israel? I very much doubt it. I imagine that Bibi made decisions based on choosing among not-so-favorable options.

  2. tddpirate says :

    I feel alarmed by this recent development.
    I believe that Bibi Netanyahu is doing good job dealing with the circumstances, given all the constraints. It’ll be a pity to get rid of him.

    Hmmm… a thought: now Amir Peretz is getting rehabilitated in public opinion, thanks to one good decision that he made as Minister of Defense amidst several bad decisions in this post and in previous posts.

    Maybe the wire pullers behind curtains are trying to hint to us that one day we would thank Bibi Netanyahu and Ehud Barak due to the currently-unpopular decisions made by them?

  3. Mike says :

    I’m interested to hear what Israelis think on this issue so I appreciate Yaeli’s posts. But in many ways, I think I agree with Pirate on this. I think there are too many things going on that we don’t know about and too many side deals that we will never hear about to really say what’s happening.

    I’m never one for just trusting politicians, but I will say that for all his faults, Netanyahu is no idiot. I think the best we can do is watch the news in the coming weeks, see what happens and see what comes out about the side deals, realizing half (or more) of what we read will be wrong.

  4. 300yrs in America says :

    If BiBi does fall it means obama hamashiach has gotten his wish.the obama junta never liked BiBi in the first place.now they have made him look like a weak loser in the eyes of the IDF and the people.If i were BiBi i wouldve told obama and clinton: go take a flying f**k at a rolling donut.hamas has claimed victory and morsi has been elevated to a diplomat of peace.i agree with the previous comments on BiBi he is shrewd and smart but he should tell obama to butt out neither obama or clinton have the brains or experience to advise a dog how to bury a bone much less advise Yisrael on self defense.hopefully Yisrael will choose a strong smart leader who will ignore brain dead ideologues from the obama junta.70% of Americans support Yisrael while barely 50% of 1/3 of the population who voted support the junta and their idiotic policies.so obama has the support of 17% of the US while Yisrael has 70%.please do whats best for Yisrael and piss on everybody else especially the dhimmicratic fools.

  5. SirJohn says :

    Again I agree with Pirate. While it is understandable that people are upset, one should think: what would a ground offensive have cost, in lives and money? What major difference to the status quo would have been achieved? And finally, if not Bibi, who then should govern the country? Do the far right have the personalities to take over?

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