The new 58-hour workweek in America

Going fast is the traditional 40-hour work week with benefits in the U.S. As companies increasingly cut the positions they offer to part-time positions (generally to 28 hours per week) in order to avoid the costs of Obamacare, it is becoming increasingly common for people to need to work two part-time jobs in order to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

Low-paying and unskilled positions such as in the fast-food industry were the first to come under the hours axe. Some of the major grocery store chains (Kroger, most recently) have also announced that part-time is to be the new hiring and employment policy. The part-time policy is now spreading to skilled employment as well, however.

The first college has just announced the policy, cutting back the hours of the adjuncts — who do the bulk of teaching — to 25 hours a week in order to avoid not only providing healthcare benefits to them but also to avoid the Obamacare tax that would imposed if they worked enough hours to be eligible for benefits. Colleges and universities have increasingly been moving to using more adjuncts (with salaries that are a pittance compared to the faculty-rate and no job security) rather than permanent faculty positions in the past decade and Obamacare is likely to increase this trend. Expect more colleges and universities to deliver the further part-time blow to the adjuncts they employ.

As companies increasingly realize that it will be far cheaper for them to hire two part-timers in the place of each full-time position, working two part-time jobs is going to increasingly become the new norm. Already many skilled jobs are being offered on temporary contract — the position is marked as a temporary position rather than a salaried one based on hours and instead the employee is offered a package sum, sans benefits, for completing a “project” regardless of how many hours the work might entail. Such positions are not subject to the Obamacare tax and, having talked with many of the techie folks taking such jobs, in order to complete the “project” on time they must put in 60-plus hours a week and the financial remuneration is far less than it would be if the position had been a standard 40-hour one with over-time benefits. The 40-hour work week is going out and the 58-hour two-job dash is coming in. Quality of life in America is going to drop dramatically.

8 responses to “The new 58-hour workweek in America”

  1. 300yrs in America says :

    All hail marx lenin alinsky and obama.i had a running argument on a social media site with a useful idiot who said its only fair corp.s and businesses and the rich should be made to pay higher taxes and health insurance for people.i said:what gives you or anyone else the right to the sweat of anothers brow.i said they were coveting their neighbors goods and the gov.was stealing with their approval.they shot back:im a Christian.i told them Yeshua said it is HaShem who makes men rich and the rich can do with their wealth what they please.i said:you arent a Christian you are a marxist.they all but cursed me out.look out because when the new year gets here taxes on EVERYONE will go up.the fall out will be sad the American people are so misinformed and happy to be ignorant.hang on we are going down fast.

  2. Cedric says :

    The quality of life here has been deteriorating for some time. There are a lot of reasons for it, and there seems to be nothing that can be done about it.

  3. SirJohn says :

    Sadly, I think you are right, Yael. This country is going backwards in giant steps. And this is not only BHO’s fault.

    • Lynne says :

      Sir John, I could not agree more. This country has a huge number of problems, and there are few solutions out there…no one is even talking in a clear way about finding solutions to our pressing problems. It is bad, and it’s getting worse over time.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Sir John — it is definitely not only BHO’s fault. There has been a complete abdication of responsibility on all levels from the people who govern to the people who vote in the people who govern. You have a situation where almost half the country gets their knowledge about what is going on in the world from the Jon Stewart comedy show and another quarter who don’t even do that. The U.S. is quite literally only 10 years away from being in the same financial bind/implosion as is Greece today and just merrily driving full tilt toward that fate.

    • Lynne says :

      I think that I have mentioned this before: In 2008, some of my students told me that their parents were not voting for McCain “because he was an ex-con”. That is what they thought “prisoner of war” meant. Seriously.
      I believe that it was McCain today who pointed out that Obama has talked about Benghazi, not in press conferences but on entertainment shows… no hard questions from the groveling sycophants of The View or from that tosser Dave Letterman.

    • SirJohn says :

      Yes, I think you pinpointed a major reason of the West’s decline: the complete dumbing down of the majority of our population through the entertainment business. I was in college when Neil Postman had published his book: “Amusing ourselves to death.” Seldom had someone so accurately predicted the future. And sadly, that future is our presence.

      • Lynne says :

        Oh, I’ll check out Neil Postman’s book! I just don’t watch TV at all —I have Netflix and I am very selective about what I watch—but I hear about these “reality shows” and other garbage. Totally not worth my time to watch, but so detrimental for those who do consume a steady diet of TV garbage and “entertainment” of violence and stupidity.
        Ever check the warning labels on products? It’s amazing. I read a warning in Home Depot that made me laugh so much that I nearly fell to the floor. It was a warning on a product to clean ceiling fans, a brush that slips over the blades of the fan to clean them. Warning: Don’t use when the ceiling fan is on. I got an instant picture of someone trying to use that brush on moving blades, and it was too much for me!

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