A small car accident

I’m fine, just extremely sore and getting more sore as the day goes on. I decided to allow myself the luxury of going to work this morning by cab rather than doing the leave the house before 6 a.m. thing. Leaving the house at 8 is seriously worth a 70 shek splurge on occasion. As fate would have it, however, I should have taken the bus.

It was the cab driver’s fault. He clipped a car when he swerved around a car that had decided to stop in the lane in front of us to attempt to parallel park. The slam-on-the-breaks response to clipping the car caused the car behind us to slam into us. I was wearing my seatbelt but the jolt forward into the arm I’d instinctively braced on the dash has caused a tendon/muscle injury in my right shoulder. My neck muscles don’t feel so hot either but it is really the arm that is making me not a very happy camper. It hurts to lift it. By this afternoon, it hurt to unscrew the cap on my orange juice bottle and I needed to ask a student to open my beverage. I’m expecting it will probably be even more sore tomorrow as that is how these things tend to go.

If you were stuck in traffic hell on Bialik this morning, yeah it my cabbie’s fault. I was nearly 40 minutes late to teaching my class. I left my umbrella in the cab I removed to and so got quite wet today. All in all, not the best day.


16 responses to “A small car accident”

  1. Lynne says :

    You should get checked over, just to be sure that you are ok. I’m glad it was not worse. Did you have to pay for the cab ride?

  2. Larry007 says :

    You should go check in Kupat Holim. Get well soon !
    Search online for “Fallen Skies” TV series, 2 seasons already and the third will be aired next year on TNT.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Get better and rebuild your strength, Yael.

    An interesting article “Israel leaders at odds over response to Palestinian UN bid” at http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4312013,00.html
    I would be curious to see how many Israelis are ready to give up more of the ancestral land to create another bogus Palestinian state.

    If you are Israeli, feel free to give your point of view on this article. Are you for a Palestinian state and why?
    I will respect any different points of view than mine, as my positions on this matter are well-known since I made a special effort to explain the why of what I believe in.

  4. Mike says :

    Sorry to hear it. Take some ibuprofen and don’t be afraid to see a doc or physical therapist if needed.

  5. 300yrs in America says :

    I think if the pain persists then you should have your cervical spine checked. I was in pain for yrs.and thought i was insane.turns out i had a bulging disc between c5 and c6.had my neck fused and have been in pain since.i dont recommend the surgery. As far as Wipe Outs question goes. The palestinians are an invention.Yisrael was known to the ancient world and even after the Assyrian invasion it was known as Judah and Samaria.palestine was the name hadrianus caesar gave the land after he put down the Koch Bar rebellion in the early 130s a.d. He named it that to shame the Jewish people.as palestine was from the philistines Yisraels ancient foe.EVERY CENTIMETER BELONGS TO YISRAEL AND NO ONE ELSE HAS ANY CLAIM TO IT.it pisses me off that they would consider being fool enough to grant a 2 state solution.all it would accomplish is to embolden hamas and hezbollah et al.and show weakness to the enemies of Yisrael.but im not a citizen nor do i live there.i am for Yisrael right or wrong. Get better minx.many blessings

  6. israeliminx says :

    Ema, I didn’t have to pay the creamed cab fare but I did have to pay the second cab fare. It shaved about 16 sheks off the trip in. I have to say, I’m seriously impressed with my students. When I was a student, I used the 15 minute rule — if no prof had shown up, we just flooded out of the class going yippee class canceled. The majority of my little critters were still sitting there and they only got the sms notification that I WOULD be arriving about 3 minutes before I finally did arrive a full 40 minutes late.

    I considered going to the kupat holim but my years as a gymnast have given me a pretty intimate knowledge about what I creamed on myself. I’ve got minor whiplash in my neck. What hurts so much is the injury to the rotator cuff in my shoulder — the supraspinatus tendon for sure, with the muscles pulled around it, and maybe also the subcapularis. I did something pretty similar to my left shoulder when vaulting. Unfortunately, never did get my full flexibility back in that shoulder after that.

  7. Lynne says :

    The first day that Yaeli studied with Bela Karolyi, I got a call from a doctor at the hospital telling me that she had a massive black eye from putting her knee in her eye full force. She had only been there a day! She got injuries; I got frayed nerves.

  8. Mac says :

    Ouch! I’m glad you’re mostly ok. You have my bestest(lol) well- wishes! Wow, Lynne that’s impressive flexability to be able to knee herself in the eye.

  9. Nicole says :

    After a car accident, you should always get checked by the hospital – if it develops into anything later on that needs treating, you need to have medical proof from immediately after the accident. Israel has a policy that covers all citizens for treatment relating to car accidents (it’s called Avner, and is paid for by contributions to the mandatory car insurance fees). This policy also pays out for accident related costs (e.g. lost salary, medical fees) and also you can claim for pain and suffering etc. That’s why it is standard practice to get checked out after an accident, even if you think it is minor. Ask any Israeli about it.

  10. Nicole says :

    Hmmm, apparently my information is very outdated, as I discovered while trying to google info for you. Sorry. http://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%90%D7%91%D7%A0%D7%A8_%D7%97%D7%91%D7%A8%D7%94_%D7%9C%D7%91%D7%99%D7%98%D7%95%D7%97

  11. Lynne says :

    Nicole, anyway, your idea of being checked is a good one for other reasons.

  12. 300yrs in America says :

    Minx what did you say about your shoulder? I am a musician and 3 mos.ago i woke up and had about 25% movement in my left arm.the pain radiates from my shoulder to my elbow and affects every muscle.i move it the wrong way and OWWW. As i said before i had my neck fused and was using my left hand almost exclusively.now i cant play piano and bass is very tough.i can still do guitar tho but its a shorter stretch. Oh i found 2 great sites:Yid with Lid and palestine media watch.very intelligent contributers. Just like here. Hope you feel better than yesterday.Peace and Blessings.

  13. 300yrs in America says :

    I am ALWAYS searching for truth about the current events of the day. The dhimmi media is just propaganda as anyone with an ounce of sense knows.there is atlas shrugs,jihad watch,bare naked islam,islam watch,cns news,and cbn news.the latter is from a Christian perspective but their Terrorism section is outstanding.plus they are PRO YISRAEL.as i believe ALL believers in Yeshua should be.Thats my perspective plus i am avid fan of The Great One:Mark Levin. Thanks to every one for tolerating the rantings of a busted up blues guitarist. Peace and Blessings to you all. One day i will send a pic of me in my Talit and Kippah.just blur the face so obamas cabal wont recognize me.

  14. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    An amazing story that I have just read and that I would like to share with Yael and her readers. Here it is “Woman who chased terrorist away: My daughters are heroes” at http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4312524,00.html

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