Sweet neighbour and package from home

Mail can take a long time sometimes to get here and having a mini-war thrown into the mix makes it that much longer. I’ve been checking my mail in anticipation for the notice that the package my Ema mailed back in the first week of November had arrived and was daily disappointed. When I checked the mail this evening, however, YES. I am going to go and collect it tomorrow on the way home from work. Generally, packages arriving at this particular mail distribution center are inconvenient for collection (most go to the post office over on Rav Kook, which is very close) but this time I am like, yay, that is on my way home from the bus! So tomorrow night I’ll have the real treat of opening it up. The packages my Ema sends are always like little treasure boxes — she tucks in this, she tucks in that and so unpacking it is a very exciting production.

I actually have two neighbour experiences to share and both are related to my gardening. I was awoken this morning literally at the crack of dawn by an insistent ringing of my doorbell. I thought it was some sort of emergency. It would have to be an emergency for me to ring on someone’s bell at 7 a.m. It was the old gentleman –he is seriously pushing 90 if not 92, or 93 –who used to complain about my cat food deliveries. He pulled me downstairs, in my bathrobe and shoeless, to show me what he wanted. I’ve clearly gotten the reputation of master gardener in the building. What he wanted was for me to take cuttings from some of our really prickly plants and plant them in the spots where our other plants have been stolen. He even gave me a set of clippers for the job. Yeah, that was fun.

I humoured him. I took some cuttings and carefully stuck them in the dirt circles from whence our plants were removed. I don’t think they’ll root. I should think of something to try to plant there that will make him happy.

The second neighbour experience was really sweet. One of my neighbours from the apartment building behind ours always greets me with a big smile and how are you and comes over to see what is what in my little garden space by the fence. When I was watering this evening he came over and was praising the tomatoes and noting that I was expanding the garden a bit. Yes, I said, but I’ve had a bit of a set-back because on Friday my little trowel broke. The handle broke right off where it joins the digging part. Did I still have it? he wanted to know. Why yes, I said and went and got the pieces. He has a friend who knows how to weld and so he took the pieces, not promising it could be done, but promising he’d see if his friend could fix it for me.

I tried Nj’s recipe for beets yesterday and am in love. I’m going to use the final beet to try one of Sylvia’s on Wednesday! A miracle has occurred because I’m actually starting to really like the lowly beet.


3 responses to “Sweet neighbour and package from home”

  1. SirJohn says :

    I think you really need to start posting photos with your blog entries. Seeing you barefoot in your bathrobe planting stuff in your garden before anyone else is awake would have been fun!

  2. Lynne says :

    Yes, photos!

  3. israeliminx says :

    Good night, a picture of me barefoot and in my bathrobe at dawn’s early light would only be appropriate on Halloween and even then it might prove too much of a scare! 🙂

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