awesome day

My day was quite long mostly because I only cat nap on Sunday nights out of fear of oversleeping and not making my bus to work. I really enjoyed my classes and students today. After my final student meetings, I popped into the gardening center that is not far from the school. I had only intended to look around for ideas and to price little trowels there. They didn’t have any little trowels in stock to price, however. I didn’t come home empty handed either. They had little lavender plants for only 3 sheks each. I had to have a couple or, eh, three. Growing lavender from seed is quite a difficult prospect from what I’ve read and I’ve not been able to find anyone with a lavender plant I could take cuttings from. I’ve had my heart set on putting lavender in next to the rosemary cuttings along our front wall in an area that is completely barren. I just had to have a few of the little plants.

Then, on the further way home, I stopped in and collected my package. ‘Twas not a small package and getting it and the lavender starts home was quite a challenge. I was met at the front door by the little black cat and so went upstairs to put my books and purse and the package away and collect some cat food. Then I enticed the kitty to the back garden where I’ve been feeding her on a hidden stone. I fed her, put the lavender plants under a large bush for safe-keeping in the event of the rain that is threatening and…saw my little trowel sticking up in the dirt. My FIXED little trowel. Well, actually, the handle was welded on the wrong way round but it is still perfectly usable. I was so surprised!! I’m still speechless as to how nice my neighbour is. It was only yesterday evening that he offered to take it off and see if it could be mended by a friend of his and then to discover it to be mended and returned the very next day!!! Wow. Needless to say, the entire next lot of tomatoes are going to him and his wife as soon as they ripen.

Then, I had the fun of unpacking my treasure box (aka as the package from my Ema). It was quite a big box and every bit like treasure hunting once I’d opened it. She sent me hair colouring so I can wash away my gray that just seems to keep creeping onto my scalp completely uninvited, spices, a little spice jar for keeping them in, shitake mushrooms, some heavenly scented candles and a little candle holder that is so pretty and also–extremely important with this maniac menagerie I’ve got — unbreakable. She also sent an eau douce atomiseur to spray on myself to counter hot flashes and seeing that was like finding the holy grail. I needed to put it to almost immediate use and ahhh, yes, it does help!! I’m assuming the pecan diversity and the chocolate must also be medicinally used or that is what I’m going to tell myself as I sink my teeth into them. Ema, you seriously outdid yourself. Thank you!!


5 responses to “awesome day”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yay! I’m so glad that you had an awesome day and that you got the little package. The second one will be sent tomorrow. Good luck with the lavender. My advice is to keep the plants watered, but to let them dry out between waterings (a day). I love lavender and I hope that it grows well for you there.

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    She didn’y send any Bush brand Baked beans, did she? I’m bringing those in January.

  3. Lynne says :

    Tiger Mike, no Bush baked beans were sent (I’d probably eat them before they could be sent to her!) Hey, hope that all is well with you and your family 🙂

  4. Mac says :

    Sounds like a good day with a good neighbor mixed with a great Ema!

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