early afternoon update –lighting candles in a take-out pizza joint

Sunday-Tuesdays are such busy days for me it is hard to find time to blog or even think about much of anything. I love my Wednesdays and most are like today where I fell into bed exhausted last night and slept (albeit with a dozen or so hot-flash wake-ups entailing kicking off the blanket and the 4 or more cats nested on me, pulling off the socks and the fleece zip-up sweatshirt and the button-up nightshirt until I’m in just regular pajamas and waiting until only the pouring sweat thwarts spontaneous combustion and then the sensation of being in Antarctica begins and I put everything back on and shiver until I fall back asleep) until nearly 10 this morning. Then I can start setting the house back into some semblance of normality because, trust me, the cats make the apartment look like a cyclone has hit in the 3 days I can’t do much, if any, cleaning. Indeed, the destruction is so great that part of my Thursdays need to be devoted to setting things in order.

I bought a 10 shek pizza last night on my way home. Who knew that, along with latkes, pizza seems to be a required dinner item during Hanukkah. I waited in a crush of people for nearly an hour before my pizza was ready. I was getting only one but most seemed to be taking home between 4 and 8. I have to consider myself lucky, however, as there were about 20 people ahead of me when I arrived but by the time I left there were at least 70 people in line (don’t picture a line, picture a crush of folks all trying to get ahead of everyone else –we don’t do lines in this country) behind me. This was also the first time I’ve not only attended but been called upon to give the blessing while the Menorah was lit in a take-out pizza place. Yeah, I was crushed up against the soda cooler and edge of the counter when the owner came out with the Menorah. I was enlisted in picking up the little boy, about 5, who was passed to me from several people further along the crowd, to hold while he lighted the candles and asked to recite the blessing. It was a really odd experience. I broke out in a serious sweat that had nothing to do with hot flashes but managed to do the job.


One response to “early afternoon update –lighting candles in a take-out pizza joint”

  1. Lynne says :

    An interesting week so far! With about 70 pizza-starved people looking at me, I’d be nervous reciting the blessing, too! Hope that today is relaxing and productive!

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