Anti-semitic hate crimes ramping up in Sweden

At least one anti-Semitic attack per week is happening there according to police.


3 responses to “Anti-semitic hate crimes ramping up in Sweden”

  1. Lynne says :

    A neighbor’s child (age 10 at the time) went to live in Sweden (his mother is from Sweden and she reluctantly returned —later came back to the US). He said that he was shocked to see the level of anger and pure rage displayed by the other kids in his classrooms, exhibited by mean behavior to others, vandalism, and fits of rage in the classroom with destructive, violent behavior. I was totally surprised. He said that he was so miserable there, and finally his mother said that no one in their family could stand it so that came back to the US. She described the society in Sweden as “diseased”. Anti-Semitism is certainly diseased. I wonder how truth this is of society in Sweden in general? Of course, there are good people there, but it seems that there is a significant problem there.

  2. 300yrs in America says :

    Socialism breeds anti semitism. Plus there is a large muslim population there that are on the rampage. Check out Bare Naked Islam she has catalogued the problems Sweden and europe are having. The west is under seige and the socialist governments are thrilled.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    I have said that many times but it is very true all over Europe. The anti-Semitic attacks come from the Muslim living in Europe (most of them immigrants) and they are also actively proselyting their hate of the Jews, hate of Israel and hate of the Israelis to non-Muslims so a few very isolated MIGHT be “converted” Muslim sympathizers but they are extremely rare.

    I do not believe that the Swedish people, the true one, not the Muslims who invaded Sweden as well as all Europe, I do not believe that the Swedish people is anti-Semite.
    In fact, if my memory is correct, during World World II, when Norway deported Jews to Nazi camps, quite a few Jews found refuge in Sweden that refused to deport any Jew living in Sweden. I am pretty sure of this point, if my memory is correct on this matter.

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