gotta love roses blooming in December

Every single one of the rose bushes in our yard that I’ve companion-planted around has got at least one full-on gorgeous bloom or baby bloomlets on it. The rose bush I planted scallions and garlic around has one incredible and huge pink blossom. The one with hot pepper and mint around it is covered in new buds that will open a really pretty shade of nearly orange and has been blooming continuously since the summer. And the bush that was nearly dead this summer and that I have more onions and some parsley around is now thriving and has a red bud just starting to open. We’ve got two more rose bushes that I haven’t yet planted anything around and they haven’t put up more than 2 blossoms between them since August.

Tomorrow, if it is sunny, I’m going to take some pics of the veggie garden. There isn’t much to see in it right now but what I thought was really interesting is the colours of the soil. Just walking up to it, it looks like a patchwork quilt. You can clearly see the different soil colours depending on how much compost I’ve been able to add in. The little radishes are now sprouting (just) in the most-supplemented soil and that “square” is the darkest shade of brown. Next to it, and slightly lighter, is where I planted the lettuce last week and don’t expect any to sprout, not only because that whole packet of seeds has proved to be a germination dud but also because one of the neighbourhood kitties took a romp there. Yeah deep kitty paw prints all over it. Next to that, an area one shade lighter brown still that is unplanted until I can add one more batch of compost. In front of those areas is a really yellow patch recently converted into garden space. Yeah, ya heard me, yellow because we are essentially gardening in “I used to be beach” here. I’ve only managed to mix about 2 pounds of coffee grounds and about a pound of compost in there. On the other side of the little walkway I’ve been constructing out of bricks for edging and filling between with the many small rocks I keep digging up, is an area that I’ve managed to get to a maybe light gray colour?

I planted some Melissa (I think it is called Lemon Balm in the U.S.) in the front garden in the spot where one of our big plants got stolen. I figure the Melissa might not look like a tempting theft item and the spot gets just enough sun that, while it won’t thrive there, it will grow. I also did some nook and cranny transplanting of some parsley starters that may or may not make it. They were pretty poor little specimens in the containers I started their seeds in but, who knows, they might surprise me like the hot peppers have.


One response to “gotta love roses blooming in December”

  1. Lynne says :

    “Companion plantings” do really help roses thrive. Your garden sounds like it is getting better every week.

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