This is what is wrong with public schools in the U.S.

Hat tip to Vlad Tepes
Ok, a few of the things that are wrong… there are so many more.


5 responses to “This is what is wrong with public schools in the U.S.”

  1. Lynne says :

    I have two views of the school system in the US: one as a parent and one as a teacher (20 years). What is wrong with the school system mirrors what is wrong in US society. Parents (most of them) drop their kids off and leave them 100% in the school’s care without question. Kids are not a priority with their parents or society. Most school buses in the US don’t even have seat belts!! There are good schools and teachers, but mostly not. The focus in schools is generally on making the top administrators look successful by having the kids pass standardized tests. Really, it is just a mess.

    • TDDPirate says :

      No seat belts in school busses?!
      There has been a step backwards in the last 40 years. When I was bussed by an American school bus (at 1971), there were seat belts in the school bus. The family car (a station wagon, used also for trips around the country) did not have seat belts, if my memory serves me right.

      • Lynne says :

        There have been none in use in any of the busses that Yaeli ever rode in as a child, and none in use in any of the busses that I rode in with the students as a teacher in the US. Seat belts did not come in to wide usage in the US until the 1980s or so, when it became law to wear them. I’ll ask my friend Agnes about the seat belts in the busses at her school. She is teaching this year and can check it out. I don’t think that there are seat belts in many of the busses now.

  2. 300yrs in America says :

    There were no seat belts on the school buses i rode. I was class of 75. There were seatbelts in all the cars except our 56 buick. People rarely wore them tho. I started wearing mine religiously in the 80s. Not because of the law but because they are safer than not wearing one. Hardly any of my younger siblings can spell. They were allowed to do book reports from movies. My step daughter did the same math from third grade until the eighth. I had to teach her and her sister algebra and how to do fractions etc. My mother graduated 1948. She has the equivalent of a Masters degree in I went to parochial schools and was 2yrs ahead of my class when i transferred to the public. As the former pres.of the nea said:so what if johnny cant read.we are making him a good worker for world wide socialism.

    • Lynne says :

      300 years, hi! What I got from my twenty plus years of teaching was mostly SHOCK. I have my master’s in Special Ed, as well as high school and elementary certifications. I taught GED classes to teens and adults. I have had students who totally struggled with acquiring basic knowledge, like math facts, and worse, learning to read and knowing what they read. These are students in regular education who do not qualify for special ed. services. The IQ for developmentally impaired varies from state to state, and in Texas it’s an IQ of 70…it used to be 80, but too many people were qualifying so it was lowered. Some people are as smart as a whip but have learning disabilities in certain areas. I don’t believe that schools do a good job at in educating students with diverse learning needs, and they fail the children in general. As a teacher, especially as one trained to provide targeted, individualized instruction, it’s been a challenge to help students who struggle so much academically. Certainly, basic facts can be taught more successfully then critical thinking (although that can be improved).
      You mention your mother’s education. My mother, too, had a much better education than I did. But then, many or most of the students who struggled dropped out, and the level of instruction was directed at the better students.

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