(Lack of electricity) and the joys of living in a religious neighbourhood

Yo, the electrics are on! I’ve got a load of wash going. The four loads behind it will just have to wait. More important is the water starting to heat so I can shower. I haven’t showered since Thursday night so gritty and grungy are serious understatements.

Today turned into a beautiful day and I got a lot done out in the garden. Being out in the garden was a good option since I couldn’t do much inside. We had one hell of a rain. The electricity went off and on repeatedly on Thursday and early Friday. About two hours before Shabbat fell, so too did the electricity and they obviously could not fix it in time.

Gotta love motze shabbat when the electrics people can go back to work in our neighbourhood. Good thing I had lots of Shabbat candles on hand so I could see my way around the apartment.

I’m expecting the water to go off in the building tomorrow. Yesterday I saw two huge pieces of the roof had blown off (we are talking HUGE) and today, while working on the compost piles, I noticed that every time someone on the top floor flushed the toilet (yeah I checked it out and and seriously yuck), or ran any sort of water there was a cascade of water directly down the building onto the ground.


3 responses to “(Lack of electricity) and the joys of living in a religious neighbourhood”

  1. Lynne says :

    Good grief! Glad you have temporary relief from the lack of water and electricity. Better plan ahead to shower! Keep us posted on the progress. Must have been a severe storm; we have them here in Texas, too.

  2. Yossi Ben Shalom says :

    Ah yes, pure joy. We joke sometimes you never know where things go when you flush, use the washing machine, etc. in this country. Sometimes if it’s cheaper and easier for it to just shoot out the side of a building, codes be damned — let’s do it says Avi. And if it used to work one way, fixing it doesn’t necessarily mean putting it back the proper way it once was 🙂

    Sometimes I love this place, sometimes it drives me nuts.

  3. israeliminx says :

    I think when the two big sheets of metal roofing stuff came off it must have damaged the plumbing pipes for one of the top level apartments. The vad has someone coming out to fix it (hopefully not the Avi way, heh Yossi) at some point today.

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