Build, Bibi, build

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged on Tuesday to keep building in the capital city of Jerusalem. “With God’s help we will continue to live and build in Jerusalem, which will continue to stand undivided under Israeli sovereignty,” he said.

Sarit Hadad, one of my fav singers, played at the event. Lieberman, in turn, addressed the settlement issue as well.

“We have one dispute with the global community,” he said. “This dispute is about the construction in Jerusalem and in the settlement blocks. This is why we need a united and strong government that can withstand the pressure.

“This is the difference between us and the Left,” he said. “We want to build up Jerusalem, while they want to divide it.”

Another 1500 apartments were approved in a neighborhood of Jerusalem this week and most excellent news of all is the final approval giving Ariel University full approval to be a university. It is a well-deserved distinction and very long past due.

Yeah, it is time for a bit of Sarit’s Celebration (Hagiga)


4 responses to “Build, Bibi, build”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Sad that it seems to be an event for Israelis to be allowed to build in their own country, West Bank especially.

    I do not mention Gaza because it is already Judenrein even though it is officially Israeli lands!!!!

    And I do not mention either the rest of the Land of Israel, as I would then be cataloged as a settler or a fanatic right-wing when, in fact, the only rights that I want the world to recognize is the rights of the Jewish people to be free and sovereign fully on ALL their ancestral land, especially the parts that are currently occupied by Muslims in Jordan and even in Syria!!

  2. israeliminx says :

    I’m quite happy for Jordan to stay Jordan, thanks. The king of Jordan is a pretty good Joe, keeps a tight leash on his crazy Islamist extremists and we get a lot of mutual benefit in trade and cooperative projects between our countries. I want no part of Syria either. The Golan, all of the Golan, is ours.Given the current turn of events in Egypt, I wish we’d not returned the Sinai Peninsula. We captured it fair and square in a war we didn’t want and didn’t start and so had legitimate claim to it. Had the shoe been on the other foot, you better believe they’d never have given us an inch of land back.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    It always sounds deceptively kind of crazy to say that Jordan should be part of Israel. In fact, it is not crazy at all historically. Why?
    The Palestine of the British mandate included Jordan, the West Bank, current Israel and Gaza and all these separate parts were planned to be parts of the new Jewish homeland, the State of Israel.
    At that time in the past, there were basically NO inhabitants in this Palestine of the British mandate, around 120,000 in ALL the entire Land of Israel that is even bigger than the area covered by the Palestine of the British mandate!
    When Lord Balfour, a Scottish, influenced the members of the British government to allow the Jewish people to resettle in their ancestral land, the entire Palestine of the British mandate was then officially attributed by the previous UN ancestor to the Jewish people for the specific purpose of rebuilding ancient Israel using the Jews from Diaspora.
    BUT, the British changed their mind and they decided that they wanted to create a Muslim state in Jordan and that they wanted to prevent Jews from settling in Jordan! Unilaterally, the British did that against the decision that had been taken by the UN ancestor of the past to give the entire Palestine of the British mandate to the Jewish people!!
    Therefore, for this reason alone, Jordan is basically illegal and it is a bogus British creation that was done against a previous international decision of giving the entire Palestine of the British mandate to the Jewish people!
    Consequently, very rationally, for this reason alone, not to mention that several parts of Jordan are parts of ancient Israel, Jordan should be given back to the State of Israel or Jordan should be taken back by force by Israel and all its inhabitants sent back to where they came from!! And the bogus King of Jordan should be sent back to the Mecca, where his ancestors came from!
    As you see, it might sound over-the-top to ask Jordan to be part of the State of Israel but, in fact, it is again perfectly justified by history.

    For parts of Syria being part of ancient Israel, Syria is a different story compared to Jordan but Syria was created with the same procedure, superpowers create a new state not based on the people who owns historically a particular area but only to make alliances at the expenses of the weaker people, in this case the Jewish people at that time decades ago.
    In fact, there is NO Syrian people and there is NO Jordanian people either!! The inhabitants in Syria and Jordan are people who came from surrounding areas. Jordan is mostly formed by Palestinians!

    Therefore, if it is not too much to ask (!!), I want justice for the Jewish people and I want the rights of the Jewish people on the entire Land of Israel to be fully recognized officially even if saying that Jordan is legitimately part of the State of Israel might sound kind of crazy at first thought but, in fact, it is perfectly logical and rational to claim that Jordan should be part of the State of Israel, as I have clearly explained.

  4. SirJohn says :

    Cool, I always liked Sarit Hadad.

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