Go Mousie!!

In an ordinary month, Little Mouse would have already ceased to be able to eat anything, be it hard kibbles, wet food, pureed wet food, human baby food, or desperate Ema-made chicken broth. In an ordinary month, Little Mouse would have been at the vet two weeks ago for a steroid shot because the little cat hadn’t been able to eat for days. This is clearly not an ordinary month. Tzfu Tzfu, everyone knock on wood.

No, today Little Mouse was a connoisseur. He happily lapped up the gravy and a few select portions of the Famcy Feast his Ema gave him this morning and evening. In-between, he was noshing on the hard food kibbles almost as often as the next cat. Granted, he bellied up to the hard kibble bar more often than the others but ate less at each grazing. But he ate. He didn’t try a bite and then run gawping in pain away. Nor did he hiss and back away from his wet food buffet. I pried his mouth open for a check (yeah, I’ve got some war wounds as a result, yet another good sign because he is feisty enough to be like yo wat you doin’?). The ulceration that is usually out of control at this point is just starting in his mouth. He will need another steroid shot, but not yesterday and not today and maybe (hopefully) not for another week and maybe even two weeks further.

The bad news is that he has developed a lump at the injection site on the back of his neck. It is not an uncommon development but it may herald cancer. We don’t know and can’t find out because he can’t go under for a biopsy.


2 responses to “Go Mousie!!”

  1. Lynne says :

    I hate to tell you, but a lump at the site of an injection for rabies is almost always cancer. If it is from a steroid injection though, I am not sure but I doubt it. Ask Ronen.
    Mousie’s immune system may be developing the ability to handle the virus that causes the stomatititis. Over time that can often happen, and I hope that it is so in his case. Keep us posted on this little cat’s struggle for a happy life and your heroic efforts (along with those of the commenters) to help him.

  2. Mac says :

    Best wishes to L’il Mousie!

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