Japanese voters prove more intelligent than U.S. voters

Japanese voters had been on a similar course as the U.S. They had a conservative Prime Minister in office during the same period Bush was in office in the U.S. and, just as U.S. voters went for the liberal side with Obama in ’08, so too did the Japanese vote in their liberal party. Unlike U.S. voters who voted to continue the U.S. economic decline and the decline of their country’s power on the world stage with the re-election of Obama, Japanese voters have now chucked their liberals out. They are determined to revive their economy and re-assert their strength in the region. They’ve voted in a conservative who is pro-business and who has promised to deal with a swelling national debt and come up with a recovery plan following last year’s devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crises.

Conservative Shinzo Abe has also stressed his desire to make Japan a bigger player on the world stage, a stance that has resonated with many voters who are concerned that their nation is taking a back seat economically and diplomatically to China. Abe has vowed to stand up to Beijing over an ongoing territorial dispute.


One response to “Japanese voters prove more intelligent than U.S. voters”

  1. Mac says :

    Unfortunately, we in the US, have a fat, lazy, welfare class that just want more gov’t teet to pull on. That’s how the dems buy votes.

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