whats on the menu, creative juices

I am in the process of making up a lot of meals to stock the freezer. Last summer I stocked it to bursting so I’d have meals I could heat up quickly after a long day and ones I could grab and take for lunch during the hectic semester and this week saw it down to…empty.

So today I decided to do a çheaper by the dozen multi-task cooking. I’ve got a whole huge pot of chopped yellow onions (12) and peppers (6) cooking (there are too many in there to call it sauteing). When they are done I’m going to use a couple of cups of them to make up some homemade wild rice rice-a-roni for 4-6 freezer meals. Then I’m going to add into the pot the cherry tomatoes that are getting over-ripe, chopped zucchini, a can of corn, and tomato paste to make up a rockin’ sauce/soup base. I’ll use half of the tomato sauce mixture to create 8 pasta meals. To the remaining half, I’ll add in water, chopped potato, and chopped cabbage and another tomato paste for a hearty soup. Oh, but that isn’t all.

The soup will cook overnight (hopefully 6 Minx sized servings aka huge mofos) and tomorrow I’m going to cook two dishes to use up the two nearly-dead eggplants I’ve got. So, eh yeah, today I’ve mostly been washing and chopping vegetables.

In between, I’ve been cleaning house and getting to be creative, or figuring out how to start being creative. I found this really neat program that will turn your photos into cartoons or watercolour paintings and other painting styles. So, now you can see (and buy if you like) Gingi and Flossy cuddled up and turned into watercolour on a shirt or tote bag, Flora, Flossy and Little Mouse as babies piled atop Gingi on an ipad cover or a mug as chalk drawings, and some other designs and items.


3 responses to “whats on the menu, creative juices”

  1. Mac says :

    You should sprinkle in some ground cinnamon, it’s very good for you. I like to add in mushrooms where I can,lol.

    • israeliminx says :

      ooooo what do you add the cinnamon to? I’ve only ever used cinnamon in baked goods.

    • Lynne says :

      I try to remember to add cinnamon to many dishes, as many as I can because it’s great for stabilizing blood sugar and overall health. Mushrooms are one of the best foods on the planet. I love them, too! Great for immunity!

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