radical muslims engaging in lawfare to shut down Blazing Cat Fur for supporting Israel

It is really is starting to feel like the early 1930s. Please click here to find out how you can support Blazing Cat Fur if you are in Canada or click here if outside of Canada and hit the paypal kitty to support the defense of a website that has spoken out fearlessly, loud and often in support of Israel and which is now being targeted because of that support

The Islamist lawfare jihad against me has begun but I will not quit, we battled and defeated Section 13 because we knew that it would be used against anyone who dared speak out against the threat of radical Islam. Muslims from Canada’s Radical Shia community are now raising funds for my current lawfare opponent, Canada’s leading proponent of Section 13.

I am especially hated for my support of Israel – I quote:

“…while the case is being prepared there is an opportunity for you to contribute to legal action against this hatemonger who has insulted Prophet Mohammad (SAW), Quran and continues to spread hate against Muslims and other sections of the society who disagree with his extremist Zionist ideology. He is an equal opportunity hater and a Zionist fascist who, following the footsteps of his settler brethren has played a significant role in damaging the harmonious inter-faith relationships in Canada.”

I am proud that my work has contributed to hate crime investigations of the East End Madrassah, and also of CASMO, both organizations are affiliated with Iran’s proxies in Canada, organizations that openly operate within Canada’s Shia community under the direction of Iran’s Ahlul Bayt society. Organizations that openly hate Jews and Israel.

I am also proud that I played a significant hand in our government cutting off funding to both the Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House, both are among the most anti-semitic organizations in Canada.

I am proud that my work resulted in the another anti-semitic organization, the Canadian Islamic Congress, being exposed and denied an opportunity to spread Taqiyya at Canada’s Department of Defense.

I am proud that my work continues to expose the hatred being spread among the Muslim community in Canada. Such as this young girls hate screed in the video below, at a prominent Shia Muslim madrassah, Wali ul Asr, located in Brampton Ontario.


4 responses to “radical muslims engaging in lawfare to shut down Blazing Cat Fur for supporting Israel”

  1. Lynne says :

    As long as the blog does not vilify or incite violence against Muslims, I do not see on what grounds the blog could be closed. But the fact is that anyone who speaks out or points out any concerns with Islam is putting themselves in the most extreme danger from radical Muslims. Those who do speak out would be wise to do so anonymously.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Ema speech laws are different in Canada than in the U.S. BlazingCatFur already won one lawsuit brought against them by these extremist groups, now they are being hit with more. Of course, having to fight these lawsuits is very expensive (not to mention time consuming), which is essentially the point of bringing them — these groups are well-funded and have plenty of money to throw away on legal battles, even ones they have no hope of winning (but in Canada, because of their speech laws it is never certain of the outcome) and have managed to shut up others with these continuous lawsuits because individuals don’t have the same deep well of financial funding to pay all the lawyer, court, etc fees again and again and again. It is a tactic called lawfare because it is a form of warfare using the law by bringing bogus suit after suit — you bankrupt and exhaust your opponent essentially so they give up.

  3. 300 yrs in America says :

    This is a form of jihad. The muslim supremecist mind set. Any religion can be mocked and disparaged but NOT islam. Hang tough and dont give an inch to these 7th century criminals whos religion calls murder rape piracy slavery lying stealing etc.pious and holy.islam is the problem.say what you will but it is a Jew hating cult of criminality.Stand strong in the face of this evil.

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