Ed Koch: Obama betraying Israel “earlier than I thought he would”

Ed Koch shilled for Obama to the Jewish community, assuring them of Obama’s unwavering support despite privately believing that Obama intended to abandon support for Israel during his second term.

I admire former Mayor Ed Koch’s willingness to break with his own party on issues of principle, but his comments to the Algemeiner today are mind-boggling. In between some very strong denunciations of the Chuck Hagel nomination, Koch casually let it drop that he suspected Obama would abandon his pro-Israel positions after the election. The former mayor, of course, endorsed Obama’s reelection and served as one of his surrogates to the pro-Israel community:

“Frankly, I thought that there would come a time when [Obama] would renege on what he conveyed on his support of Israel,” said Koch, adding, “it comes a little earlier than I thought it would.”

“It’s very disappointing, I believe he will ultimately regret it,” Koch said, “and it undoubtedly will reduce support for him in the Jewish community, but I don’t think he (the President) worries about that now that the election is over.” …

Koch explained to The Algemeiner why he decided to back the President’s re-election even though he says he suspected that Obama would backtrack on his pro-Israel overtures. “I did what I thought was warranted and intelligent,” he said, “He was going to win! There was no question about it. I thought it would be helpful to have a Jewish voice there, being able to communicate.”

The Mayor says he has no regrets, “it wouldn’t make any difference. The Jews were going to vote for him no matter what. And that’s the nature of the Jews. They are always very solicitous of everybody else except their own needs and community.”
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hat tip Weasel Zippers

I’ll just add that that may be the nature of Jews who decided to remain in the galut, outside of Israel. This country was founded by those who recognized the need for self-protection, the need to stand up to enemies and to fight, if and when necessary and even in hopeless situations, for the survival of the Jewish community. This country was founded and forged by those who were not willing to go like sheep to the slaughter.


3 responses to “Ed Koch: Obama betraying Israel “earlier than I thought he would””

  1. Lynne says :

    Obama has nominated John Brennan for the important CIA Director post. Among Brennan’s past remarks: “jihidad is a legitimate tenet of Islam”, along with many comments which are evidence that he is anti-Israel.
    I hope that there is enough opposition to this vile president to block this nomination and others which are problematic and anti-Israel as well as anti-American.

  2. 300 yrs in America says :

    There is nothing that can be done short of a coup. Koch is a typical left winger.regardless of his blood line,his upbringing,etc.the left winger will always support the party and revolution first,even if it means the destruction of family and country. I place him in the Judenrat catagory along with soros,up chuck schumer,finestien,wiener,etal.We need only to look @ the black community,sure the lynchings have stopped since they became dhimmicrats,but their community has been ravaged by the progressive agenda,and 1/3 of ALL abortions are black babies.They have received scraps while their so called leaders live in opulance and splendor.i admired Koch even tho he was a dhimmicrat as i thought he was a man of principle and honor.Now he is just another Judenrat suckling at the dhimmicrat teat.i say:we may as well sing the Kadesh and sit Shiva for Ed as he is dead to me. He sold Yisrael down the river,but he still has the respect of socialists everywhere,and his revolutionary cred is intact.Priceless.

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