just a tad crazy at the moment

It is the end of the semester and so I’m being crushed under work of all kinds. On Sunday I had a string of meetings but managed to get Little Mouse in to the vet. The good news is that he went two whole months without a shot. The bad news is that when his mouth went downhill, it went downhill so rapidly. He was still eating wet food on Thursday but on Friday it all went full stop. I wasn’t too worried on Friday morning when he turned up his nose at the wet food I put out because he’d had some of the last can of his Fancy Feast the evening before and on Friday morn I was putting out some I/D for him, expecting a kitty food delivery in the afternoon. Cats don’t do well with food changes. But he wouldn’t eat the Fancy Feast on Friday night and ate not a bite on Saturday or Sunday morning. He got the shot on Sunday morning but I couldn’t coax anything down him until the early hours of Monday morning and when I did, it was just a bit of the chicken broth I’d frantically cooked up the night before. That is a dangerous situation, as cats cannot go long without food without risk of their organs starting to shut down. Blessedly, he started to nibble on his Fancy on Monday evening but he has lost a serious amount of weight.

Monday, going on absolutely no sleep, I taught from my early morning class until my last student meeting that ended at 7:30 in the evening literally without a 10 minute break the entire day. Then I had the three hour trip home to a house disaster. Only half of the kitty food delivery had been made on Friday and on Sunday they’d brought yet another food change for the rest of the cats, being out of their regular brand. Yeah, 17 cats with loose bowels and upset stomachs had been on the loose. To make matters worse, after cleaning up the numerous “accidents” I’d only had the energy to completely change out 3 of their 9 boxes before collapsing into bed and so what followed was only my own fault. I didn’t bother with food myself on Monday.

When I got home last night at nearly 11 p.m., let’s just say I found an indescribable mess. It took me hours to find and clean up all the various kinds of ‘accidents’ and then to change out totally 7 of the 9 boxes (no cat with a brain of even exceptionally small size would venture into the 2 remaining). I’m sure my neighbours probably hate me because of the noise of my continually trekking up and down the stairs carrying out bags of used kitty litter and bags of trash in the middle of the night. I’d collected a 10 shek pizza on the way home but when I finally had time to reheat 3 of the pieces, I fell asleep while waiting for them to warm up.

Today I am waiting on delivery of more litter. In a normal week I’m able to do the scoop and replenish method daily for the majority of boxes and just completely change out 4 of them during the week, one each on alternating days. I’ve already gone through more than two weeks of litter in just the last two days. I’ve been washing clothes since I first woke up this morning because the accidents that occurred in the bedroom mean that every shred of cloth in there has picked up the smell of those accidents. I’ve also been responding to student emails, phone call conferences, etc., related to work. I got 5 hours of sleep last night but I feel so tired already that I could just cry. Clearly, I am getting fricking old.

5 responses to “just a tad crazy at the moment”

  1. Lynne says :

    Try to put aside a reserve of food that you don’t use for months (then use it and get in another “back-up supply”, so that you have it in case of emergencies. Using and replacing it will keep the supply fresh.
    I know that you have a lot to do, but you need to work with local rescuers to try to establish a sanctuary there or to promote adoptions. Something.
    You are not getting old; you just have way too much to do.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Ema, I earn an Israeli salary and so the things I could afford to do before I “advanced” in my career and moved here are things that I could not only dream of doing but do way back when I was a graduate student on a U.S. graduate student stipend, earning considerably more than I do now, and so they are beyond what I can dream of now. I can’t afford to buy food for the cats two weeks in advance. I am stressed beyond belief about whether or not I’ll have the money in the account to cover the rent check on Feb 1, or the money after that to cover the rent check in July.

    • Lynne says :

      Good news then about the housing market in Austin. See my recent email with details. I love Israel, but I believe that for so many people the cost of living and salaries present a real challenge. That said, Israel is a wonderful, delightful country.

  3. Mac says :

    I love your care for the kitties, but i think you have seriously taken on too much. Don’t go a whole day without eating. That helps no one…

  4. Larry007 says :

    Of course, Bibi rocks!!!

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