A bit about our upcoming elections

No one can really discern a difference in the platforms of the four left-leaning parties (the nearly-defunct Kadima, Livni’s new party, the revived Labour party, and Lapid’s Yesh Atid) aside from the personalities leading them, yet they can’t seem to see eye to eye and agree to coalition. Actually, they don’t really seem to have platforms from what I’ve been able to tell. Yesh Atid stands out solely on its stance that it will politically disarm the ultra-religious and the freebies that flow their way, Labour makes slightly stronger claims that they will fix the housing crisis and soaring food prices, Livni is nattering on about peace with the Palestinians, essentially the only party to want to touch that particular no-winner, and no one is even bothering to listen to Kadima. I thought it was funny when Tiger Mike pointed to a bus ad and asked if it was a pro or anti Livni ad. It was funny because the picture used of her showed her pulling a face that was somewhere between angry and confused –not at all attractive –and anyone could be forgiven for thinking it was a picture being used by her opponents to make negative associations with her party. Alas, it was a pro-Livni ad and they obviously thought it was a picture making her look serious and strong when, in fact, it simply makes her look seriously and strongly constipated.

On the right-leaning side of the spectrum is the now-combined Likud-Israel Our Home party — the party in charge for the last four years so I won’t dwell on them. Further to the right, and drawing a lot of folks who feel that Bibi hasn’t been tough enough, is Naftali Bennet’s Habayit HaYehudi (Jewish Home) party. His party is largely distinguished from the Likudniks by the promise to engage in more building over the green line. He’s been trying to woo Likudniks by showing pictures of himself with Netanhyahu to sort of say, ‘yo, yeah, you like Bibi and so do I but you also want stronger support for the ‘settlements’ and so do I, so vote for me and it is still supporting Bibi.’ According to polls, his party will probably pull more support than Livni’s but that isn’t saying much.

Then we’ve got the various religious parties, the far-left parties and the Arab parties. They will earn their standard 2-6 seats, with Shas pulling in a couple more from those who reflexively vote that way.

The real battle will come down to Likud/Beitanu and Labour. After that, because Likud/Beitanu will score by far the lion share of the votes, will be the battle to form a coalition that has some chance of standing up for more than a few months. Despite the Bennet-Bibi pics* on Habayit HaYehudi ads, Likud would prefer not to coalition with them as a needed partner but would be happy to add them in if they forge a coalition large enough to not need their staying power. Bennet and Bibi do not, in fact, get along and Bennet would be constantly threatening to scupper the coalition if they were a linchpin of it.

*Bennet has been told by the court to knock off the duo pictures because they are misleading.


5 responses to “A bit about our upcoming elections”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Well, one thing is sure, the moment of truth for Israel is coming these coming months. Probably around this coming summer, say July 2013, Israel and its government will have to take the very hard decision of whether or not Israel will destroy, bombard the many locations in Iran related to nuclear research. And that would be better that a coalition of parties unites behind the decision that will be taken at that time.

    As I said before, it is a very hard decision to take for any Israeli government and, paradoxically, at the same time it is a quite logical and easy decision to take.
    Iran MUST be prevented, no matter the actions that need to be taken to do that, from acquiring nuclear weapons and any means to produce them. We know very well that Iran is behind Hezbollah and even Hamas that both have clearly acknowledge the active support that they receive from Iran.

    Now, imagine Iran with nuclear weapons. Do not hide your head in the sand and believe that, in such a case, Iran will not provide portable nuclear weapons to any strategic partners that they have: Hezbollah, Hamas, and even Iran cells in the USA and in Europe too!!
    Consequently, as unappetizing as it is for me and for you I am sure, Israel will have no other alternatives to massively bombard the nuclear installations all over Iran.

    One thing is sure, irrespective of any political bias toward one party or the other, the left in Israel is simply not mature mentally to take a logical and rational decision on whether or not Israel should bombard Iran’s nuclear installations and destroy them. This point is a given.
    Having said that, I am not even sure the right in Israel is also mature enough mentally, psychologically to do what is necessary. No matter what Netanyahu says or said on this matter, Netanyahu is still the guy who went to the UN and declared that he would welcome the creation of a Palestinian state inside Israel!!!

    Again, this decision on Iran is both very hard and very easy. Using simple logic and rationality, it is very easy. Letting political biases creep in makes it harder because not a single party in Israel is ready to do what is needed concerning the destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    In the meantime, Iran keeps fooling the UN, European countries, and the US into more talks that lead to nowhere!! Gaining precious time with the ultimate goal of creating a “fait accompli” (a done fact) by waiting for the time when they will be able to say to the world: “we now have X nuclear bombs ready to be thrown at any country that threatens us and we are done talking about stopping what we already have!”

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    I still think the Hebrew on that bus said “Do you really want THIS woman as your prime minister?”

    Really, the picture looks like what every man thinks his wife looks like when she is mad at him.

    In Jerusalem,

  3. tddpirate says :

    A message to Israeli readers of this blog (Yaeli, could you please repost it as a more visible blog article?):

    If you do not vote in the elections, it is as if you voted for the party you most hate!
    If you are a woman and do not bother to vote in the elections, it is as if you voted for your own marginalization in Israel and eventual denial of your right to vote!

  4. SirJohn says :

    Thanks for the interesting update on the myriad parties. I am really looking forward to the results.

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