now to cleaning and cooking

I lost track of time this morning out in the garden and have thus deprived myself of a treat until Sunday — I got the notice that the package my Ema sent back on Dec 8th has FINALLY arrived at the post office. When I checked the mail and saw it, I raced to the post office but got there just minutes too late. Ah well.

The little garden is slowly recovering from the epic storm. All of the onion seeds have sprouted! I’ll have to replant the radishes as not a single one came up and must have been washed away in the flooding. The tomato plants are not looking too good, though two are still putting out flowers and they’ve all got fruit in the process of ripening (I collected six cherry toms to add to my dinner tonight). I worked a good bit on restoring the compost pits. Given how slowly they are progressing because of the winter and the flood, I think I’ll need to buy a large bag of potting soil to supplement the garden for the spring planting in March. I’d hoped to avoid that but I also hope to grow a better crop of food this spring and summer.

When I did my shopping, (see the previous post about our politics), I noticed that there were literally hordes of little girls in their long skirts and little boys with tzit tzit flapping who were handing out flyers for Bennet’s party (Habayit HaYehudi) and signs and banners hanging off balconies and out of windows for his party everywhere I turned. Given that I live in a Haredi neighbourhood, you’d think the signs would be for Shas or United Torah Judaism or Otzma LeYisrael or even National Union but I only saw one sign for Shas and the rest of the area is blanketed in Habayit HaYehudi. Interesting, no?

I’m turning now to cleaning on the apartment, a never-ending endeavour, and making a tomato-based veggie soup for Shabbat. I’m scowling at myself for remembering to pick up more Shabbat candles but forgetting to pick up paper towels and I’ve got like two of them left on the last roll. One for today, one for tomorrow? Will have to be!


One response to “now to cleaning and cooking”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yaeli, I lost track of the time to go on chat. Sewing. That is so time-consuming, like gardening, too.

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