Good puppy news

The little puppy is still in critical condition but holding his own. His owners have been found, however, and they are going to pay (e.g. repay) me for the costs of his surgery. They had taken a four-day vacation to Greece and only got the phone messages when they returned. I’m not sure what the story is on how the little thing ended up on the loose but they had a pet sitter who was supposed to come twice a day to feed and walk it and their older dog and who is obviously a loser. I mean, seriously, ever heard of the word leash? I’m going to stop in and see the little critter in the morning on my way to the pet store to pick up a bag of the more expensive crystal litter I use for Tovi and Yafah (Tovi is an extremely enthusiastic bury girl and kicks the sand kind everywhere). I’m very happy the little thing is still hanging in there and has passed the most critical hurdles and even happier that I won’t be taking it home with me.


One response to “Good puppy news”

  1. Lynne says :

    Good news all around. Glad to hear that the puppy is stable and improving—and that he will go to a good home.

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