international media has the misconception that Lapid is a la la land lefty

The international media seems to think that Lapid’s Yesh Atid party is a lefty la la land, kumbah ya singing party and that Bibi got b*tch slapped by voters because of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. That is because they are stupid and obviously haven’t followed Lapid and his opinions over the last few years. Here is Lapid’s version of kumbah ya from his facebook page the other day:

“I do not think that the Arabs want peace.”

He then added this: “What I want is not a new Middle East, but to be rid of them and put a tall fence between us and them,” he wrote, adding, it’s of utmost importance “to maintain a Jewish majority in the Land of Israel.”

Lapid has always stated strongly that Jerusalem cannot and should never be divided. Essentially, Lapid’s view of the Palestinians and negotiations with them is exactly the same as Netanyahu’s. They both say peace negotiations must resume, without pre-conditions. They both say no way to dividing Jerusalem. They both say the Palestinians are not interested in peace. They both insist on maintaining a Jewish majority (e.g. no Palestinian right of return within our borders). They both say we will not return to the pre-67 lines. If anything, Lapid takes a slightly more hawkish view toward the Palestinians than does Netanyahu.

People voted for Lapid because he has the same views on security as Bibi but has a different focus on domestic issues like being a force for making sure the Haredim and Arab-Israelis also serve in the military or do national service like everyone else and doing something about our housing crisis and high cost of living.

So here’s the deal international media. While you may be all about the Israeli-Palestinian issue, we here in Israel are focused on the high price of our cottage cheese, the lack of affordable housing, the fact that we’ve got privileged groups that don’t have to do military service, and other things along those lines. More than 70% of Israelis believe there is no chance of peace with the Palestinians. Just about everyone supports negotiations with the Palestinians but almost no one expects anything to come of them.


3 responses to “international media has the misconception that Lapid is a la la land lefty”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    An interesting article “Muslim Brotherhood group to ‘connect all U.S. schools’ ” at

    Concerning Lapid, you say that he said:
    ““1) I do not think that the Arabs want peace.”
    2) He then added this: “What I want is not a new Middle East, but to be rid of them and put a tall fence between us and them,” he wrote, adding, it’s of utmost importance “to maintain a Jewish majority in the Land of Israel.” ”

    1) Well, the first point is true. It is even worse than that, Arabs do not want peace but they also want the entire State of Israel so as to transform it into another bogus Muslim state!
    More, they do have a final solution that many of them have bragged about.
    —The first step was when the Land of Israel was empty of inhabitants, around 120,000 inhabitants in the entire Land of Israel (that includes part of Syria, Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza, Israel), Arab nationalists made an agreement with the British to move in big numbers into the Land of Israel to occupy it as much as possible in order to reverse the fact that the Palestine of the British Mandate was an area that was supposed to be the new State of Israel. Therefore, Muslims moved in big number in the Palestine of the British Mandate in order to prevent Jews from gaining sovereignty over the Palestine of the British Mandate.
    More, the British prevented Jews from settling in Jordan and even in Israel when the State was not officially created (!!) and the British also created unilaterally the bogus state of Jordan.
    –Second step: invade Gaza, the West Bank and Israel with Arabs so that the Jewish state of Israel could not be Jewish anymore.
    —Third step: create a bogus Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza to act as a Trojan Horse to the final solution.
    —Fourth step: And the final solution is the invasion of the tiny remaining state of Israel, killing of its Jewish population and creation of the Muslim state of Palestine using the remaining tiny Israel (without the West Bank and Gaza that are now the temporary the Palestinian state).
    Results so far:
    The first step was successful.
    The second is not successful yet even though even in Israel, Arabs have invaded it quite a lot!
    The third step is not yet done but even Netanyahu has said at the UN that he would welcome the creation of a Palestinian state!!
    The fourth step is not yet done but the Israelis will not act like passive ducks when it is on its way to be implemented! BUT the Israelis have shown such a high level of blindness (or stupidity) at accepting to lose their rights on the ancestral Land of Israel that even this fourth step is a possibility.

    2) The second point is, well, basic common sense too!
    Who would want a future with a people (Muslims) who are bent on destroying another nation (the State of Israel)?
    More, the Muslims of the Middle East have been nothing less than the Nazis of the Middle East, it is time to treat them this way too instead of allowing them to move and live in Israel!

    Conclusion: I do not know Lapid very well but these two points should be embraced by all Israelis because they are the very basis to their long-term SURVIVAL as a Jewish state and also as a State!

    I hear some of you say: “And what about peace with the Arabs?”
    When your enemy (Muslims in Gaza and the West Bank and Israel) has such EVIL goals (destruction of the State of Israel!!!), peace is not even an option!!! In such a case, peace is only a mean, a Trojan Horse for the destruction of the State of Israel!! Peace is the third step described above, a step just before the implementation of the final solution!!!

    Having said that, Lapid is not a rightwing politician either, he is certainly more to the left than to the right even though he likes to consider himself as being part of the center.
    What has changed perhaps is the perception of the left with respect to Muslims! Many left people have been shocked to discover that the Muslims they so adamantly supported want in fact the entire State of Israel so as to transform it into a Muslim state!! Many leftists certainly did not like to wake up to this new evil reality, the evil Muslim goals concerning the State of Israel that many Muslims who have Israeli citizenship have enthusiastically espoused!!!

  2. Jake from Philly says :

    You are right, Yael, that is indeed the impression that I got from reading American media. It’s a relief to see your explanation. Thank you for posting this!

  3. Mike says :

    Well, if this election proved anything it proved that the international media doesn’t know anything about Israel. For months those of us outside Israel were bombarded with news stories about Israel becoming a right-wing fascist state.

    Just before the elections I read David Remnick’s New Yorker piece on Bennett that pushed this idea. It should have made me mad, but really it just made me smile. Sitting there reading it, I knew what he wrote was wrong.

    The “Times of Israel” actually did some decent stories on polling data prior to the election and those stories showed the outlines of what would happen in the election. Going into the final weeks, there were a large number of undecided voters and most of those voters were center to left.

    The the generalities were there, just not the specifics. (Obviously these voters broke towards Lapid in the end.) But the international media was unable to pick up on what the polls really revealed. Why? Two main reasons. First, and I say this after 19 years of reporting, is that most reporters don’t really understand polls or how to use them. (Polling has gotten more attention and some political reporters do have a grasp, but these aren’t the people covering Israel.)

    The second reason is that people reporting on Israel project their own fears and beliefs onto Israel when doing stories. For Remnick, Israel is in trouble and only American Jews can save it and so his stories must show Israel needs saving. He’s not anti-Israel; he’s just blinded by his prejudices.

    I watched Remnick on Charlie Rose last night and despite election results, he still believes Israel is lurching to the right. For all the time spent in Israel, his understanding of the country was so simplistic. It’s clear that he spends his time talking to people inside of Israel and out who think like he does, so he has no clue about the broader Israeli public. In his long New Yorker piece for instance, there were no voter interviews.

    Again, I should have been mad watching him on Charlie Rose, but instead found Remnick’s ability to deny reality and push what he believed amusing. I should also say that Dennis Ross was on the same segment and he really impressed me. No wonder he left the Obama administration.

    As for Lapid, it seems to me he is right dead center of Israeli public opinion. He doesn’t believe the Palestinians want peace, but he is more than willing to talk. This is the right position. It’s right because it will help prevent the isolation of Israel and it’s right because it holds the door open to the possibility that our assumptions about the Palestinians are wrong.

    Peace is important enough we should always be open to it. But the kind of cautious realism it appears Lapid, and I should say Netanyahu, is what’s most likely to lead to a real peace.

    I’m not Israeli and I’m certainly not an optimist when it comes to the region, but I think this election had a decent outcome. Much of it will depend on Lapid’s leadership and political skills, and that’s an unknown.

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