having a serious food craving

I am seriously craving chinese fried rice, like real NY take-out fried rice (bearing no resemblance to chinese restaurant rice). When I lived in mid-town (Manhattan) there was a chinese take-out just across the street and you could get one of those huge containers of veggie fried rice for just $3 — there was enough in there to make, by itself, 3 meals. I lived on that stuff and never, ever got tired of it. It was so so good. It was far cheaper than buying ingredients to make a meal of anything but mac’n’cheese and worked out to being even cheaper if you insisted on being a connoisseur and making your mac with butter and milk. It is, rather bizarrely, given how much we Jews love chinese food, hard to find chinese places here and those that are here are seriously expensive joints (and you don’t get a lot of bang for your shekel, either).

So it was really hard for me to just keep walking when I passed the closest thing to what I was craving (and could always be up for) — a new sushi joint that opened down the street. Sushi is expensive everywhere but mega expensive here and I’ve only had it twice in the eight years I’ve been here. I can out-eat any guy when it comes to sushi, as I think Pirate can attest!

Yeah, I’m so not feeling enthusiastic about my home-made soup that is unfreezing itself in the microwave right now.


One response to “having a serious food craving”

  1. Lynne says :

    Could you go online and get a good recipe for Chinese fried rice and make your own? You’d probably have to buy some ingredients like soy sauce if you don’t have that on hand… might be worth a try!
    For a quick meal that has some healthy ingredients in it, I saute until well-cooked onions, celery, carrots, cabbage and whatever other veggies that lend themselves to being cooked in this way, and then I add already cooked rice, stir while cooking some more, add some spices and soy sauce and then a quick meal is done. Perhaps there is too much olive oil in it to qualify for being really healthy, but it has some good quality ingredients, it’s quick and inexpensive.

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