medical miracles –maybe for Sharon

It was pretty exciting to read that Arik Sharon is showing significant brain activity when shown pictures of his kids and other family members. He’s been in a coma, with no brain activity, since 2005. If I were to go into a coma, (knock wood but just sayin’ in the unlikely event) I’d want to just be turned off. Bye, sayonara. BUT, I don’t think people should be turned off if they haven’t explicitly expressed that wish. I remember reading last year in Israel HaYom about the girl here who had been in a car accident and was in a coma, with no brain activity and unable to breathe on her own, for more than three years. On the very day the doctors convinced the family to pull the plug she opened her eyes and grabbed the nurses’ arm. They were literally about to disconnect her and let her die. While she had to re-learn everything (walking, talking etc) she progressed extremely fast, shocking everyone, and was released from the hospital just a couple of months later. She started university this past fall.

The other miracle story I read about today was about the British twins who were born at only 23 weeks and who both survived and now, at 7 months, have completely caught up developmentally to where they should be if they’d gone full term. The article mentioned that there is another set of twins in the U.K. that were born at only 22 weeks and they are now two years old and indistinguishable from any other two year old that was born at the normal time in terms of development and abilities.

One response to “medical miracles –maybe for Sharon”

  1. Lynne says :

    There is so much to be discovered about the brain, that I would not be quick to have someone disconnected from life support. There are miracles.

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