rain and more rain is helping the little Kinneret rise

We’ve already gotten more rain this winter than in any year over the past decade. The Kinneret has now risen up to 210 meters (689 feet). Last week the lake hit a milestone, as the surface rose to 210 meters and 90.5 centimeters below sea level – reaching the point that is exactly halfway between the two “red lines.” The bottom red line is the ‘don’t go there’ line, where the water becomes unsafe to drink if it falls below that level. The upper red line is the ‘well how ’bout that’ line, where they have to open the damn to keep the lake from flooding. Yeah, that doesn’t happen too often. If it keeps on raining this year though, maybe! We added another 10 centimers just this weekend and it is set to rain again today.


3 responses to “rain and more rain is helping the little Kinneret rise”

  1. Lynne says :

    The rain is good news for everyone—especially the farmers! Still in a drought here in Central Texas.

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema the drought in Texas has also been going on for a number of years hasn’t it? I remember last year all the wild fires right around Austin that destroyed so many houses and killed a good number of people.

      • Lynne says :

        The wild fires hit an area of homes of animal rescuers. Some of them had 80 or more animals and not all of them got out. Wildfires move very, very fast, and some people had only a few minutes warning. The fire was ignited by a spark from an electrical line and it spread quickly and without warning. We have had drought conditions here in my area for at least four years, maybe more. Oddly, the drought followed a summer of relatively mild summer temperatures and unusually high rainfall. It has been dry since.

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