Arab-Israeli scientist makes big contribution to country

We’ve just had the opening of the Moona science, environment and space center in Sakhnin. NASA officials were in attendance.

The center offers Galilee residents the opportunity to learn about personal development and creating collaborations with people from various fields and backgrounds for the sake of developing educational, social and business initiatives and solving regional issues.

The participating founder, Asaf Brimer, who served as a combat pilot in the Israel Air Force told Ynet that “the idea is to take space and utilize it technologically for the economic and social development of the region.

“We have the challenge of creating a common living space, especially in the Galilee which is known as a peripheral area; suffering from ongoing economic and social laggardness and from negative immigration.”

The brainchild behind the project, however, is Dr. Hussein Tarbia, who initiated the project more than a year ago.

“The idea arose a year ago, when I partook in an Israeli delegation for negotiations in South Africa. NASA officials arrived there and presented to the entire world what they can contribute environmentally via space and then I began thinking how I can integrate these things in our activities in Sakhnin and to establish a science, environment and space center.

“When I returned to Israel, I connected with other bodies that came up with similar projects [around the world], and now it has come to light,” Tarbia said.


One response to “Arab-Israeli scientist makes big contribution to country”

  1. Lynne says :

    What an inspirational person!

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