Murdoch paper published grostesquely anti-Semitic cartoon on Holocaust Memorial Day

Drawing on the theme of blood libel, the cartoon, which depicted Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, building a wall using what appeared to be the blood of Palestinians as cement, was featured in one of Murdoch’s leading newspapers, The Sunday Times.

Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress, said: “This cartoon would be offensive at any time of the year, but to publish it on International Holocaust Remembrance Day is sickening and expresses a deeply troubling mindset.”

Israel’s parliamentary speaker, Reuven Rivlin, wrote in a letter to his British counterpart John Bercow: “For the people of Israel, this is a cartoon which recalls the dark journalism from one of humankind’s darkest periods.”

Murdoch issued an apology — via Twitter. His newspaper, however, stood by the publication until some prominent world leaders (suffice it to say, not Obama) reacted with shock and disgust.


9 responses to “Murdoch paper published grostesquely anti-Semitic cartoon on Holocaust Memorial Day”

  1. Lynne says :

    I was shocked. I believe that Murdock is, in fact, a friend and supporter of Israel. I imagine that this vile cartoon took him by surprise.

  2. Mike says :

    Saw the cartoon and found it disgusting as I know many others did. Oddly enough, not one British embassy has been attacked, no newspaper offices burned, no reporters threatened. Yet Israel is somehow the problem. Go figure.

  3. tddpirate says :

    Whenever arguing with Leftists, known also as champions of human rights for Arabs, always remind them of the white elephant sitting in the living room (and no one mentions him): the Arab wish to destroy Israel and fulfill the Moslem commandment of Jihad.

    • Lynne says :

      Pirate, the Leftists never mention the terrorism against civilians, against the Jewish people, the threats against Americans without justifying it or they ignore it. It is appalling and scary that people who loudly claim to be for human rights hold these ideas. It is why I no longer vote for Democrats, why I no longer identify at all with the philosophy from the Left.

    • tddpirate says :

      Lynne, this is exactly the phenomenon of the white elephant sitting in the living room.

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