U.S. condemns Arab Spring II

The first Arab Spring didn’t work out so well. Idealistic, young, secular Egyptians hoped to bring in a democratic regime that would recognize basic rights for all — equality of religions, of gender, of sexual orientation –and sparked nationwide protests in support. What they got was a take-over by the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, which implemented Sharia in their country.

This means that women are relegated to subjugated and inferior positions, without the basic rights enjoyed by men and women in enlightened and democratic countries and, indeed, without basic rights at all. This means that those who follow any religion save Islam not only are second-class citizens but do not enjoy the basic guarantee of staying alive so long as they cling to their religion. This means that those who are not heterosexual not only do not have the right to live but must be killed.

International media, world leaders, including Obama most specifically, praised the first Arab Spring. Now that those who are protesting that, hey, this is NOT what we were protesting for and, indeed, is worse than what we had, there is media silence. Obama’s administration has even come out with condemnation. Silly me. I thought the U.S. was supposed to be a beacon and light for freedom. Well, things do change.


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