I guess our mini-spring is over. We had several days there where the temperatures got up into the nice range. Today, with all the rain, has come the cold again. I am so happy my Ema sent me a super warm (and quite stylish!) fuzzy zip-up jacket. I’m wearing it now. I’ve been too chilled to do any cleaning and, still being sick, took that as an excuse to curl up with umpteen cups of earl gray tea and a good book.

I did have one little visitor. There was a scratching and mewing outside my door and yes, there was the little black outside cat. When she manages to get inside the building now, she no longer runs up to the apartment her abandoning owners lived –no she has figured out where I live and comes directly here. Then sits and cries until I go down and feed her (and the other neighbourhood cats that come up when I do). She came in the brief window we had without rain (hail, lightening and thunder). About 15 minutes after she chowed down, the ‘weather’ started back again. It is raining like gangbusters outside now and I’ve got candles lit in case we loose the electricity with the lightening and thundering going on.


2 responses to “brrr”

  1. Lynne says :

    Stormy weather, quality cup of tea and a good book are meant to go together! Enjoy your day!

  2. Mac says :

    It’s warm and very windy here today. I think you need one of those blankets with sleeves lol.

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