heading into shabbat

I’m trying to get as much laundry done as I can today after seeing a notice on our apartment building that we won’t have any electricity on Sunday from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m. Guess I won’t be showering on Sunday either since I won’t have any hot water. I wish the notice had been up before I went to the store so I could have gotten in a bigger stock of candles — I’ve had the light on all day in the living room because with our cold and gloomy weather you can’t see spit without it.

I ventured into the garden today and was greeted with the sad sight of the tomato plants. Three of them will need to be pulled up as soon as the last of the green ones on them ripen. One of them is still flowering but, to tell the truth, looks in pretty sickly shape over-all, though it has about 30 green ones hanging on it in bunches. I might get another batch out of it.

I think the rain washed my rocket seeds out of their planting spaces. I’m going to replant on the next sunny day. I’m kind of unsure what is up with my mixed baby lettuce. I used some recycled soil to plant them in (e.g. from a nice pot that someone who was moving had put out for donation with a dead plant in it –score for me!) and a profusion of green things have come up. Some of them are definitely lettuce. A lot of them might be weeds. Kinda hard to tell at this point but I want to make sure before I start doing the cut and come again on ’em cos I don’t want no weed and lettuce salads, heh.

Onions and potatoes are sprouting in my compost pits. I’m not sure I will want to eat those, however. I’m all for eating things grown in compost provided it has already fully composted. The yellow onions my Ema sent are growing well. I think they should be ready to harvest in early July… 🙂 The 8 shek Melissa bit the dust.

Because it is cold, every cat in the house wants to sit on me. I woke up last night, unable to move, because there were eight (eight!!) cats camping out on my prone body. I’d have done the turn over and send ’em flying thing but I had Mousie snuggled up under my neck and well, you know, disturbing the Little Mouse just can’t be done. It is the Little Mouse Law.

I’m really sick of feeling sick. I thought I just had a cold but yesterday a mild fever and low level nausea was added to the mix and today the nauseous feeling is more intense. Yeah, eating is not in my game plan today. I think it is the flu.


One response to “heading into shabbat”

  1. Lynne says :

    If you think that it is the flu, go to the clinic. Since you are feeling worse, that is a sign that you need to see the doctor.

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