gah my cat

To the little cat who decided that using my bedroom floor as a great alternate litterbox on Friday night would be a great idea, let me you tell it is not. Let me count the ways in which it is not. I know, I know, sometimes when you gotta go, you really just gotta go but really, honey, there were seven freshly cleaned litterboxes just a hop, skip, and step-in away. I spent an hour cleaning up your disaster yesterday morning.

Now today! Again! The fact that you accidentally got locked in there without being able to get to those nice litterboxes is simply no excuse. I searched high and low to make sure there were no cats in there to repeat that terroristic act again. Where were you hiding? It is a very good thing you remain unidentified, my little darling beastlet because Ema felt nearly homicidal when she was awoken very early this morning to your little surprise.

2 responses to “gah my cat”

  1. Lynne says :

    I think that it may be one of your cats trying to tell you that something is wrong, that it feels sick. Do a general health check (yourself) on each on them to see if you see any signs of illness in any of them. Or, it could be a stress issue.

  2. tddpirate says :

    I had difficult time figuring out to whom did you refer as Ema – to your mom, presumably visiting you those day, or to the cats’ “mom”. However your Ema’s response helped me clear this point of confusion – if she were in Israel she’d not respond this way.

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